How to get Free NFTs to play web3 games in 2023


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As the popularity of web3 games continues to rise, so does the demand for NFTs. However, the upfront cost of buying NFTs can be prohibitive for some players. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways to get free NFTs to play web3 games in 2023.

What is NFT in NFT Games?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that are verified on a blockchain network. In the world of web3 games, NFTs are used as in-game items that players can own, trade, and sell. These items can range from weapons and armor to characters and virtual real estate. Unlike traditional video games where in-game items usually have no value outside of the game or may be illegal to be traded for real money, NFTs have real-world value and can be traded for cryptocurrency or fiat money.

However, one of the challenges of playing NFT games is the upfront cost. In order to play, you may need to purchase NFTs that provide you with access to the game, special in-game items, or other benefits. These NFTs can vary in price depending on the game, the item, and the level of rarity.

Market Overview

The NFT market has exploded in popularity in recent years, with more and more people investing in and playing NFT games. According to a report by Chainplay and Storible, 3 in 4 investors worldwide joined crypto because of GameFi or web3 games.

Some of the most popular NFT games include Axie InfinityDecentraland, and The Sandbox. In Axie Infinity, players collect, breed, and battle creatures called Axies in a digital world. In Decentraland, players can buy and sell virtual land and build anything they can imagine. The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can buy and sell land, create experiences, and even monetize their creations.

However, the cost of buying NFTs can be a barrier for some players. That’s where these five strategies for getting free NFTs come in.

Ways to get Free Gaming NFTs

1. Airdrops

One of the most popular ways to get free NFTs is through airdrops. NFT airdrops are essentially free giveaways of NFTs by the creators of web3 games or platforms. These airdrops can be announced on social media or through other channels, and typically require participants to complete certain tasks, such as following a social media account or joining a Discord server.

Some examples of NFT airdrops include the Axie Infinity Ronin mainnet launch, and the Sandbox Game’s LAND presale, which gave away NFTs to those who referred new users to the platform.

Additionally, you can discover free NFT drops in marketplaces like OpenSea, GameStop NFT, Rarible and other NFT marketplaces where they display upcoming projects in a separate section that allows users to sort through upcoming NFT drops using multiple filters such as categories, blockchain, marketcap etc.

2. Play Games & Earn NFTs

Another way to get free NFTs is by playing web3 games that offer NFTs as rewards. These games typically have challenges or tasks that players must complete in order to earn NFTs. For example, the game ChainGuardian allows players to earn NFTs by completing quests, while the game Alien Worlds rewards players with NFTs for mining resources.

3. Sign-up Bonuses

Some web3 games and platforms offer sign-up bonuses in the form of free NFTs. These bonuses can be a great way to get started with NFTs without having to make any initial investments. For example, in the game Alien Worlds you can get two free NFTs just by registering to play it

4. Free NFT Games

Not all web3 games require an upfront investment in NFTs. Some games, such as the trading card game Gods Unchained, offer free NFTs to new players as a way to get them started. These free NFTs can be used to build a collection and start playing the game without having to make any initial investments.

5. Bounty Programs

Finally, some web3 games and platforms offer bounty programs that allow players to earn NFTs for completing certain tasks or promoting the platform/game. These tasks can include things like writing blog posts, creating art, or even just sharing content on social media. Some examples of bounty programs include the Binance NFT Marketplace Ambassador Program and the Polygon Hackathon.

6. NFT Giveaways

Another way to get free NFTs is through giveaways hosted by NFT creators and platforms. NFT giveaways are usually conducted through social media platforms like Twitter or Discord, where participants can enter by following specific rules or criteria, such as retweeting, commenting, or joining a specific group.

Some NFT creators and platforms also use giveaway events as a promotional tool to attract more users to their platforms. These giveaways may feature limited edition or rare NFTs, making them even more valuable to collectors.

To increase your chances of winning an NFT giveaway, it’s important to follow the rules and criteria set by the host and to keep an eye out for upcoming giveaways through social media or other communication channels.

7. NFT Gaming Tournaments

NFT gaming tournaments are another exciting way to earn free NFTs while playing your favorite NFT games. These tournaments are often hosted by NFT game developers or platforms, and can offer substantial NFT prizes for winners. 

NFT gaming tournaments can be a great way to showcase your gaming skills and earn valuable NFTs at the same time. They also provide an opportunity to connect with other players and be a part of the growing NFT gaming community.

For example, some time ago, Axie Infinity, one of the most popular NFT games, hosted a tournament with a prize pool of 2,000 LUNA and a MYSTIC AXIE 

The Vision of the NFT market

The future of the NFT market is incredibly promising, with experts predicting that it will continue to grow and expand in the coming years. As more people become interested in blockchain technology and the benefits of owning digital assets, the demand for NFTs is expected to increase.

One of the potential benefits of investing in NFTs is the ability to earn passive income through staking or renting out your NFTs. Some NFT games also offer rewards for playing and participating in the game, such as earning cryptocurrency or other NFTs. Additionally, NFTs can be used as a form of collateral for loans or other financial transactions.


The NFT market is an exciting and rapidly evolving space that offers a new way to play games, invest in digital assets, and potentially earn income. While there may be an upfront cost to play some NFT games, there are also ways to get free NFTs that can provide you with access to these games and the benefits of owning digital assets.

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