Top Crypto Gaming Guilds By Market Cap

The Gaming guild market cap today is $308.24M Million, 3.55% change in the last 24 hours.

A crypto gaming guild can be defined as a group or community in which participants engage in various activities like playing NFT games and exchanging useful information while making profits in progress.

In the blockchain space, there is an upfront cost which players have to pay before gaining access to those activities. Despite the inconsiderably high cost, a fair amount of players still find it unaffordable which is the reason for the appearance of blockchain gaming guilds, called scholars. Gaming guild is a profit mining model which provides NFT items for members to play crypto games called scholarship. Nevertheless, these players called scholars will bring revenue to the guild as well as receiving a splitting reward proportionally from the revenue extracted.

In addition, gaming guilds are constantly looking for opportunities to invest crypto gaming tokens and buy related NFTs for scholarships in advance. Currently, numerous play to earn projects (P2E) are released which attract a large amount of users including non-crypto ones. As a result, an increasing number of guilds have been formed which creates fierce competition in this field. Some of the aspects which guilds often compete with their opponents in attracting members are average take rate, coaching programs, partnered games…

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