How to Play TOPIA : A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


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What is TOPIA

Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds with NFT Worlds. This revolutionary decentralized, massively multiplayer metaverse game ecosystem grants players ownership and the power to create infinite experiences within a collection of 10,000 unique worlds. Originally built on Minecraft infrastructure, NFT Worlds has evolved into its own fully-owned ecosystem.

These mesmerizing NFT Worlds are procedurally generated 3D voxel worlds, comprising two vital elements. Firstly, their visual appearance and in-game experiences are securely attached to the blockchain, ensuring authenticity and immutability. Secondly, their on-chain data and resource information lay the foundation for future integration with additional NFT World, token distribution, and much more.

By acquiring an NFT World, you obtain exclusive rights within the NFT Worlds ecosystem. This includes the ability to construct and control everything within that world, from its landscapes to its captivating in-game experiences, and beyond.

Imagine owning a scarce piece of digital metaverse land, where you hold the key to transform it into anything your imagination desires. Others can explore, engage, and be enthralled by the experiences you create, all within the immersive environment of a massively multiplayer setting.

How to Get Started in TOPIA?

Getting started in the game is a breeze. To explore any of the captivating NFT Worlds.  

It's incredibly user-friendly. All you have to do is search for a specific world number and enter the corresponding URL ( into your web browser.

On mobile, utilize the intuitive on-screen controls to effortlessly navigate through the worlds, moving up, down, forward, and backward with ease.

For computer users, here are the keyboard and mouse controls to enhance your exploration:

Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move in different directions.

To ascend, simply hold down the spacebar.

To descend, hold down the shift key.

Click and drag your mouse to freely look around and explore your surroundings.

TOPIA Gameplay

The Innovation of NFT Worlds: A Game-Changer in the Metaverse
NFT Worlds has garnered widespread acclaim for its groundbreaking features, offering a new level of innovation within the metaverse. One of its key highlights is the World Builder, allowing players to own and shape their own portion of the metaverse according to their creative vision. From inviting others into their world to collaborating on new creations, players can even monetize their content by charging for access.

NFT Worlds
Unlike other metaverses, NFT Worlds simplifies the building process and provides endless possibilities. With expansive and fully customizable worlds, players have complete control over mechanics and can create various game modes and experiences. Whether it's racingshooting, role-playing games, or battle royales, the creative potential knows no bounds.

Visibility & Player Reach
Discover exciting games on the TOPIA Games page within our client. Developed into immersive experiences connected to Minecraft or TOPIA servers, these games are open to owners or renters of Worlds, providing access to the vast TOPIA playerbase. Sort by gameplay type and popularity ranks to find your preferred games. Popularity is determined by player activity trends, World rarity, and metrics like playtime, active players, and economic activity. Unleash your gaming potential and embark on thrilling adventures with TOPIA Games.


At the heart of our commitment to a high-quality gaming experience and player engagement, we have set a limit of 10,000 available Worlds. This deliberate restriction serves two important purposes. Firstly, it establishes strategic barriers for developers seeking to target the esteemed TOPIA player base. By doing so, we prioritize the quality of playable games over sheer quantity. 

Secondly, this limitation is driven by the requirement for monetized games to possess a World as a "ticket" for launching. Developers aspiring to profit from TOPIA players or secure a spot on our game client's coveted "TOPIA Worlds" page must either own a World or rent one from an existing owner.

Tips and Strategies to Play TOPIA?

As a player in TOPIA, you have the exciting opportunity to participate in various activities and earn valuable in-game assets that can be traded within the TOPIA Marketplace. It's important to keep in mind that the more vibrant and appealing your in-game assets are, the greater the chance of earning higher rewards.

Immerse yourself in the TOPIA world, explore its depths, and take part in activities that showcase your skills and creativity. Whether it's completing challenging quests, mastering unique game modes, or creating stunning designs, each endeavor has the potential to unlock coveted in-game assets.

These assets serve as a testament to your achievements and can be traded with other players within the thriving TOPIA Marketplace. Embrace the vibrant ecosystem, showcase your talent, and seize the opportunity to earn valuable rewards in TOPIA.

Final thought

TOPIA is just the beginning of a vast metaverse awaiting exploration, serving as a gateway to introduce web2 audiences to the possibilities of web3. However, the metaverse holds numerous other gaming realms, offering their own distinctive and thrilling experiences. 

To remain up to date with the latest and beyond, utilize tools like the Top Games Ranking from Chainplay. This invaluable resource allows you to effortlessly navigate the ever-evolving world of web3 gaming. Immerse yourself in a realm where endless possibilities await, where the metaverse expands beyond TOPIA's reach. 

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