How to Play Bit Hotel: A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


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What is Bit Hotel?

Bit Hotel welcomes you to an innovative digital realm that prioritizes social interaction and NFT gaming, meticulously crafted on the BNB Chain and Moonbeam blockchains. Since its Beta launch in 2022, followed by a seamless transition to mobile platforms in 2023, Bit Hotel has consistently delivered an exhilarating fusion of social gaming, NFT collection and trading, and the novel concept of establishing in-game shops.

At Bit Hotel, our guests embark on a unique journey where competition, NFT collection, friendship-building, and asset appreciation converge to enrich both their social and financial experiences. Within the Bit Hotel metaverse, our NFTs serve as invaluable assets, encompassing rooms, characters, furniture, and assorted artifacts, each brimming with distinct perks and rarities. These NFTs are not just collectibles; they can also be traded within the open market or within the game itself.Our guests find a vibrant community where they can mingle, converse, and vie for supremacy in a constantly evolving array of mini-games, all meticulously recorded on our global leaderboard. As a Bit Hotel guest, your rooms serve as both cozy gathering spots and personal social hubs, where you can host mini-games (both player versus player and player versus environment) and engage in thrilling role-playing adventures. Furthermore, DAOs and communities can establish their custom clubhouses, where they can conduct AMAs, participate in IDOs, hold governance voting sessions, and partake in various communal activities. Bit Hotel provides users with authenticity, anonymity, and a delightful nod to their nostalgic 8-bit upbringing.

Participating in our mini-games is a ticket to in-game rewards, including in-game tickets and $BTH tokens. The global leaderboard meticulously tracks the victors and challengers, with top positions earning coveted items and tokens to propel their Bit Hotel journey. For an in-depth understanding of our tier system and more, please refer to the Leaderboard section and explore the diverse range of games in our Mini-games section. Bit Hotel offers a distinctive fusion of social engagement, NFT gaming, and earning potential, creating an unparalleled metaverse experience.

In the Bit Hotel, your experience is truly your own. Whether you're customizing your personal haven, vying for supremacy on the global leaderboard, or simply embarking on an exploration of this captivating virtual realm, every moment is designed to be a delightful and uniquely tailored adventure. 

How to Get Started in Bit Hotel?

Beginning your adventure in the game is a piece of cake. To dive into any of the mesmerizing NFT Worlds, it's astonishingly straightforward. Simply locate the desired world number and then input the corresponding URL into your web browser.This social-first gaming metaverse is currently in its Beta phase, accessible on various platforms such as web browsers and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. While Bit Hotel offers free gameplay, having some BNB and BTH tokens on hand is recommended to elevate your gaming experience and engage with the in-game economy.

Bit Hotel Gameplay

Here's a quick guide to help you get started:

  1. Sign In: Begin by connecting your wallet, creating your account, and signing in to Bit Hotel. You'll start your adventure in the bustling hotel lobby, the vibrant social hub of Bit Hotel.
  2. Explore the Lobby: Take your time to acquaint yourself with the environment. Interact with fellow players and grasp the game mechanics that drive this exciting world.
  3. Access the Elevator: Navigate your character to the elevator and press the button to explore other rooms within the hotel.
  4. Visit Rooms: Utilize the room overview menu to access your own rooms or explore spaces owned by other players and ongoing events.
  5. Check out the Task Board: Keep an eye on daily challenges presented on the task board. Completing these tasks contributes to your in-game progress.
  6. Decorate Your Room: Personalize your space by purchasing cosmetic upgrades to enhance its appearance and uniqueness.
  7. Participate in Mini-Games: Dive into the Bit Hotel mini-games for a chance to earn valuable BTH tokens and tickets. You might even secure covered in-game items through your skill and luck.
  8. Climb the Leaderboard: As you accumulate experience and rewards, observe your position on the global leaderboard steadily rise. Every game you engage in contributes to your overall ranking.

Remember, Bit Hotel's charm lies in its seamless fusion of social interaction, healthy competition, and endless customization possibilities.

Bit Hotel NFTs

At the heart of the Bit Hotel metaverse lies a treasure trove of collectibles. These NFTs are readily available for acquisition, either directly within the game's bustling marketplace or through secondary NFT marketplaces seamlessly integrated into the BNB chain.Now, let's unveil the mysteries of this captivating hotel.

In the Bit Hotel universe, your room serves as a personal haven within the metaverse, offering both social engagement and an invaluable asset. As the proud owner of an NFT room, you possess a unique piece of Bit Hotel, transforming your room into a versatile platform for a multitude of activities, including NFT exhibitions, auctions, thrilling gaming tournaments, and much more. With a selection of over 13 distinct room designs, ranging from cozy studios to luxurious penthouses, there's a space to suit every guest's preferences and budget.

(Guests can buy their Room NFTs to play and earn better rewards)

Bit Hotel's rooms are a diverse bunch, distinguished by their design, rarity, size, and guest capacity. You have the creative freedom to personalize your room's aesthetics, with the flexibility to change out floors, walls, and furnishings according to your tastes. The rarity of your room wields influence over various aspects of the Bit Hotel experience, from earnings in mini-games and rental rates to governance voting power and access to Bit Hotel Launchpad allocations.

The size and guest capacity of your room dictate its functionality and the scope for social interactions. Whether you opt for a Starter Room, a Cozy Studio, or an opulent Penthouse Suite, Bit Hotel caters to every lifestyle, ensuring there's a room that perfectly aligns with your desires in this captivating metaverse.

Within the realm of Bit Hotel, Characters, or Hotel Guests, take center stage as unique NFTs, serving a dual role as your in-game persona and a means to stand out in the crowd. These distinctive NFTs enrich the cooperative gaming experience and offer tangible advantages, such as a 'Play to Earn' multiplier, amplifying the tokens you earn from mini-games. They also grant exclusive access to in-game events and modes, elevating both your gameplay immersion and potential earnings.

These NFTs are categorized into six distinct rarity tiers, each bestowing its own set of perks and availability quantities. Higher rarities are especially appealing to competitive players, as they offer superior in-game rewards and status. While these NFTs don't provide a direct advantage in terms of progression, they do reward dedicated players with enticing benefits like complimentary mints and token airdrops. Over time, the value of these character NFTs and in-game items adapts dynamically based on player assessments and secondary market prices, fostering a well-balanced and engaging gaming experience.

In the realm of Bit Hotel, room ownership extends beyond mere possession; it involves the curation and arrangement of Furniture NFTs, enabling the creation of immersive environments for events, gatherings, exhibitions, tournaments, and a myriad of other activities. These Furniture NFTs come in a diverse range of rarities, sizes, and utility functions, with varied acquisition methods, fostering a dynamic marketplace where the community and cherished pieces influence floor prices that can evolve over time. These Furniture NFTs serve a dual purpose: they enable you to personalize your space while also introducing an extra layer of thrill and worth to your gaming experience.

BTH & Tickets: The Bit Hotel tokens
Bit Hotel operates on a dual-token system, with the Bit Hotel Token (BTH) at its core. Introduced in 2022 as a BEP-20 token, BTH serves a multitude of vital roles within the Bit Hotel Ecosystem. It functions as the primary currency for acquiring in-game items, facilitating NFT trades on the Bit Hotel NFT marketplace, staking for enhanced BTH earnings, participation in tournaments, mini-games, and influencing Bit Hotel Governance proposals. To obtain BTH, one can begin by setting up a wallet, acquiring gas tokens (BNB), and subsequently purchasing BTH. This token can also be traded on both decentralized and centralized exchanges, with staking opportunities further bolstered by the ownership of a Room NFT.

(You can stake your BTH tokens for rewards)

Complementing this primary token is the Bit Hotel Tickets, designed as synthetic reward tokens. These tickets find their purpose in acquiring native NFT assets on the primary market. They are awarded as prizes for achievements like mini-game victories, leaderboard accomplishments, and daily task completions, and can also be exchanged among players. It's worth noting that Bit Hotel Tickets maintain an inflationary supply, adapting to the growth of the Bit Hotel community. However, their utilization in the Shop is thoughtfully controlled to preserve the rarity of in-game items and economic equilibrium. Additionally, forthcoming utility features include ticket staking models linked to the Bit Hotel Launchpad tiers, thereby enhancing their utility and encouraging a reduction in the circulating supply.

Final Thought

For those intrigued by the leading play-to-earn games, stay connected with Chainplay Games Ranking to stay abreast of the freshest trends in the ever-evolving Web3 gaming universe.

We'll closely monitor Bit Hotel's evolution as it endeavors to captivate blockchain gaming enthusiasts while adapting to the swiftly expanding industry landscape.

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