How to Play Big Time : A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


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What is Big Time? 

Big Time, an exciting multiplayer action RPG, offers players a thrilling blend of high-speed combat and an epic journey through time and space, all without any upfront cost. Dive into ancient enigmas and futuristic worlds while battling through the annals of history. As you confront and defeat adversaries, you'll amass rare collectibles, cosmetics, and tokens. These valuable items can be collected, traded, and used to customize your avatar and personalize your very own metaverse, where you can hang out with your friends.

Enhance your metaverse and creative capabilities with SPACE, an in-game platform that lets you join the creator economy. Big Time provides a wide array of options: play for free, gather in-game items and tokens, craft unique collectibles, or simply enjoy socializing with friends. With limitless environments and adventure instances, your possibilities are truly boundless.

The game is currently under development by Big Time Studios, a powerhouse in the gaming industry. The team includes experienced veterans from Epic Games, Rockstar, Riot, Activision, Blizzard, Decentraland, and other top players in the field.

Since its Alpha launch in 2022, Big Time has been drawing players' attention and steadily growing, all without the need for major marketing campaigns. What sets it apart? Big Time allows players to monetize their gaming time by finding unique cosmetic collectibles within the virtual world and trading them for real-world currency, all without compromising the gaming experience or introducing pay-to-win elements.

Though the game is currently in Early-Access, it has already amassed over a million pre-registrations and boasts a Discord community with more than 400,000 members. It has also garnered attention from major streamers like Brycent, The Buffessor, and Gen Z sensation Zachary Alexander Rice. With such promising indicators, Big Time is sure to keep players engaged for many exciting all-night gaming sessions. 

While it's currently challenging to gauge the exact dimensions of Big Time's map, a simple stroll through the initial zone is enough to establish that the expansive playable world promises to be immense. And this assessment doesn't even account for the extensive dungeons, where a significant portion of your gameplay will be dedicated.

Game economics

In the past, players were obligated to acquire skins and items exclusively through non-playable characters (NPCs) within the game. These possessions couldn't be transferred between players or subjected to trading. However, Big Time is ushering in a new era by introducing cards and other items featuring programmed scarcity, affording players the opportunity for optimal profit.Here's a glimpse of the diverse array of items available for purchase, trade, sale, and exchange within Big Time:

  • Weapons and Armor: The open marketplace offers an array of weaponry, ranging from common to legendary in terms of rarity.
  • Boxes and Bags: These containers encompass a variety of weapons, armor, and more, all readily deployable within the game.
  • Styles: Players have the option to procure complete gear sets, encompassing everything from gloves to chest plates to helmets.
  • Characters: In addition to the avatars you control, characters like the Time Keeper (as mentioned previously) play a crucial role in unlocking new adventures and earning tokens. These characters can be obtained in-game or purchased from the marketplace.
  • Spaces: Think of these as parcels of land, akin to the canvas for building your Metaverse. Similar to other attributes and items, these spaces are available in varying levels of rarity, with rarer spaces offering more expansive areas for development.

Big Time price

Big Time players have to engage in battles across history, defeat enemies, and undertake dangerous quests to earn tokens. But there are a few prerequisites to become a token hunter.Step 1: Acquire SPACE in-game or through the marketplace to place a time-keeper portal.
Step 2: Unlock a time-keeper portal in-game or buy one from the marketplace to summon the time-keeper.
Step 3: Gathering tokens requires using a special item called an hourglass. So, collect this item in-game or purchase it on the Big Time marketplace.
Step 4: Now, you can start hunting for tokens in the game.
Step 5: Visit the time-keeper to replenish your hourglass as it’s not unlimited.
Since the tokens will be a highly sought commodity, the game creators decided to keep the token community-driven and made it so that players can collect the tokens only within the game.

Big Time Gameplay

In Big Time, your mission is to unveil a perplexing threat that's unraveling the fabric of time and causing the collapse of history itself. If this premise intrigues you, here's an overview of what awaits you in the game and how you can engage with it.

As time withers away, wreaking havoc on planets throughout the cosmos, humanity seeks refuge in the final sanctuary known as TIME'S END. However, as the planet becomes overcrowded, a corporate entity named PARADOX CORPORATE steps in to rectify the situation. They introduce TIMESHARES, miniature universes where limitless possibilities await. For a price, you can journey to eras such as the age of dinosaurs or feudal Japan to engage in thrilling adventures.

Paradox becomes the most prosperous company in history, but trouble brews when residents accuse it of tampering with time. The company vehemently denies any involvement in these disturbances. In a bid to alter their destiny, the brightest minds in history unite and establish EVERMORE ACADEMY, an institution devoted to safeguarding the integrity of time. Headed by the renowned scientist Albert Einstein, this academy assembles the most legendary heroes of all time to confront the crisis.Here's where you, the player, come into play. You assume the role of a time traveler, equipped with your very own Time Machine that can be customized and adorned to your liking. Additionally, you have the choice to select weapons and armor from various epochs to wield in battle.

Big Time NFTs

  • Time Guardians
    Time Guardians serve as the game's protective bulwarks, absorbing the brunt of their opponents' assaults to ensure the safety of their teammates. They possess a unique buff that bolsters the HP of fellow players within their proximity, and with each blow they endure, a portion of this HP is gradually restored. It is highly advisable to include at least one Time Guardian in your party for optimum defense.
  • Quantum Healers
    Quantum Healers assume the crucial role of mending and bolstering their allies, wielding skills that enhance attack power, movement speed, magical damage, damage mitigation, cooldown reduction, and energy regeneration for their team members. They are also capable of reducing their foes' evasion, dodging, and blocking abilities, facilitating swift takedowns of enemy teams. In high-level dungeons, these healers can resurrect and heal all comrades within a specific radius, making them indispensable for your squad.
  • Chrono Enchanters
    Chrono Enchanters represent the mage archetype, specializing in dealing damage to multiple adversaries simultaneously. Their attacks inflict sustained damage and decelerate enemies within a designated range, enabling allies to engage adversaries safely or evade their offensive maneuvers. While they can deliver potent long-range attacks that amplify damage, their drawback lies in their low defense, necessitating protection from frontline warriors like Time Guardians.
  • Shadowblade Assassins
    Shadowblade Assassins share similarities with ninja figures, focusing on delivering substantial damage within a short timeframe. They possess specific skills that heighten their melee damage, enabling them to dispatch enemies with a single lethal strike. This warrior class excels in swiftness, granting them the ability to scout the entire area and swiftly accomplish objectives. However, their vulnerability lies in their limited defense, necessitating a cautious approach when deploying them.

But here's the exciting part – you don't need to create separate characters to experience each class. Thanks to the versatile Pocket Watch, your gameplay options become limitless, adapting to your preferences or requirements. This device, attainable as drops within the game, allows you to switch classes seamlessly without the hassle of reloading or respawning. One moment, you could be a Shadowblade, and the next, a Quantum Fixer, all within the same location.You'll come across various Pocket Watches in the game, each possessing unique characteristics. However, it's essential to note that each watch adheres to its distinct timeline. Thus, when you equip a different watch and switch classes, your character reverts to level 1. To optimize your experience, as suggested by streamer The Buffessor, it's advisable to level up a watch you favor, collect watches for other classes, and switch and level up again at your discretion.

Furthermore, if you're not satisfied with the ability points you've invested, worry not. You can easily access one of the Reset Shrines scattered across the map to retrieve all your ability points.

The Game's Characters

In Big Time, you'll encounter a diverse cast of renowned heroes and an array of formidable adversaries. Here's a glimpse of some of them:


  • Broken Clockies: These are among the game's initial foes, recognizable by their ominous red eyes and menacing presence.
  • Guardian XL: Behemoths engineered to oversee the Clockies, these imposing robots wield two-ton hammers and boast formidable defense systems, capable of withstanding attacks from nearly any weapon. Their power source comes from magnetars, neutron stars whose energy sustains them for over a millennium.
  • The Blight: Insectoid, alien-like creatures that operate in hives, these relentless beings are a constant nuisance to adventurers. Though some mistakenly perceive them as mindless killers, they exhibit remarkable intelligence levels and employ low-level telepathy to coordinate their attacks.
  • The Underlings: A peculiar fusion of feline and toad-like features, these scavenging creatures hunt in swarms to overpower their prey. Whispers of a larger, more formidable variant circulate, but you'll have to play the game to verify their existence.
  • Captain Che Gearvara: This commanding figure leads an army of devoted machines, spanning from Clockies to advanced military mechs, all united in the fight for the liberation of robots.


  • Einstein: As previously mentioned, Einstein serves as the headmaster of Evermore Academy, embodying charm and determination in his quest to raise warriors destined to save time and space.
  • Merlin: A formidable and legendary wizard, Merlin ranks as one of the most powerful sorcerers to have ever lived, making his presence felt within Evermore.

These are just a few of the captivating characters you'll encounter in Big Time. Additionally, the game features iconic figures such as Joan of Arc, Billy the Kid, Genghis Khan, and Boudica, each contributing to the rich tapestry of this epic adventure.

Tips and Strategies to Play Big Time?

Initial Investment: As the game is currently in its Beta phase and not yet fully launched, you can secure early access and gain a competitive edge by purchasing special passes. These passes can also be traded on the OpenSea marketplace, potentially yielding higher returns.

There are various pass options available, with the Ruby pass from the People's Game Guild on OpenSea serving as the most affordable choice, priced at around $8.60 or 0.005 ETH.

Generating Income: There are three primary avenues for earning money within the game:

  • Acquiring NFT loot in the game and subsequently selling it on platforms like OpenSea.
  • Investing in NFTs from the marketplace and selling them at a profit in the future.

While you can't directly convert the Big Time token into real currency, you have the option to vend these tokens on the marketplace or employ them to purchase cosmetic NFTs (NFTs lacking in-game value). These cosmetic NFTs can then be resold on marketplaces for monetary gains.

Supportive Guilds: Several guilds are actively backing Big Time players, offering various forms of support. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

  • Yield Guild has acquired time machine NFTs valued at $500,000.
  • Merit Circle has invested $1 million in land plots.
  • Avocado has committed $500,000 towards securing land plots for players.

For more comprehensive information regarding the earning potential facilitated by these guilds and the scholarships they offer, consider joining their Discord channels for further details.

Final thoughts

Big Time is a captivating and dynamic gaming experience that offers players a wide array of classes, each with its own unique skills and playstyle. The innovative use of the Pocket Watch allows for seamless class-switching, making it easier to explore different roles and adapt to various in-game situations. This flexibility ensures that players can enjoy diverse styles of gameplay without the need to create multiple characters.

So, dive into the game, switch classes at will, and embark on an exciting journey through time and space, making it your very own epic adventure.

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