Axie Infinity Introduces Expanded Vision Axie Core


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Axie Infinity recently introduced their new expanded vision called “Axie Core”. Axie core is the vision they are building towards ownership and a more robust, adaptable community and economy.

What is Axie Core

“Axie Core is the linkage between collectability and play.” — Axie Infinity

According to their blog post on Lunacian, all Axie gaming experiences are held together by Axie Core, which also acts as a flywheel between the gaming and collecting sectors of our ecosystem. A stronger, more resilient community & economy will result from this, strengthening the emotional connection between the players & their Axies.

In summary, they are encapsulating the universal Axie experience and aesthetic to emphasize ownership and connection to your Axies.

The following characteristics of Axie’s NFTs fit the definition of Axie Core:

  • Accessory equipment
  • Part upgrades
  • Breeding
  • Downloading a profile photo (PFP) or avatar
  • Raising an Axie (feeding, petting)

Axie Core Features

1. Accessories

Accessories will be the first step in expanding the attachment points on your Axies. You will soon be able to add these decorative elements on your Axies to further alter their design. As video games like Fortnite have shown, cosmetic improvements are essential to contemporary gaming environments.

You’ll be able to do it with the help of Axie Core. Create a unique look for your Axies and even trade or sell your accessories as NFTs. 

In order to strengthen the economy and lessen dependency on in-game power increases, accessories will provide a new, purely cosmetic lever.

2. Part Upgrading

Image showing parts of an Axie. Image Source: Axie Infinity

According to their blog post on Lunacian, they’ve given part upgrades a high priority in their product development for the upcoming year and aim to have part updates online by 2023. 

The developers said that the Axie experiences in the ecosystem will eventually go beyond being merely entertaining games or experiences where you may collect tokens to ones that let you improve the collectability and personality of your Axies, letting you fall even more in love with them. To have fulfilling advancement and a connection with your Axies, this will be essential.

3. Breeding & Raising

Breeding in Axie Infinity. Image Source: Axie Infinity

The Axie experience has always been heavily centered around breeding. Furthermore, it has been by far the biggest driver of treasury inflows.

We’ve seen how activities like Axie Summer can stimulate the local economy while simultaneously energizing the neighborhood with interesting new material.

The developers said in their blog post that they intend to focus further on how the breeding system interacts with the rest of the ecosystem in the future. This will probably show up in the component upgrading systems as well as perhaps in the way they add new genes and body parts to the ecosystem.

Axies can be raised and fed like real digital pets, which will free up more room in the design for breeding. Axie breeding has developed into a business similar to dog breeding, but a significant portion of why puppies are valuable is also because of the work that goes into the pets’ diet and training. 

4. Origin/Mystics

More advantages for Origin and Mystic Axies inside the ecosystem will result from this increased focus on the Axie core.

For instance, Mystic parts will have special artwork for their improved routes to further differentiate them visually. The game designers of different experiences will be in charge of creating the in-game advantages.

However, as owners of Origin and Mystic are among the most active and devoted members of their ecosystem, they said that they anticipate game developers will compete for their valuable attention by providing these collectors with a variety of in-game advantages.

According to their blog post, the following elements are crucial to propel Mystic and Origin Axies as iconic digital collectibles.

These are: a unique website dedicated to Mystic/Origin axies, Coin-gated merchandise, distinct identity and branding, improved and made clearer commercial rights, individual collections on the market, existing mythology, increases in game utility and rewards, feedback councils to offer a consistent flow of organized feedback regarding the appearance, usefulness, and scarcity of these assets

5. Achievements

Axie Infinity said on their blog post that while they have worked hard to acknowledge the accomplishments of battlers in their ecosystem, they also need to acknowledge individuals who are making progress through the Axie Core loops of collecting, breeding, decorating, and upgrading. 

A separate accomplishment system should be created for the totally new metagame of collecting, breeding, upgrading, and growing.


The viewpoint of collectability will be the key to discovering Axies next act. This will improve and contribute to a sense of development and goal throughout the entire ecosystem of games.

If we just create engaging games that let you trade the assets they contain, Web3 gaming will never realize its full potential. We can only define the future of this emerging sector by utilizing novel game loops and systems that combine collectibility, ownership, and economics with fantastic and immersive gameplay.

If you’re interested in breeding games similar to Axie Infinity, check out our list of best games in this genre! Choose from numerous titles along with price performance, trading volume, in-game token information, and supply.


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