All the Ways to Get Gil in Final Fantasy 14


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FF 14 is a full-fledged MMO with RPG elements, in which you will explore the storyline with your unique hero, and develop your own class system, which can be changed at any time if you have all the effective equipment.

One of the main tasks that the developers from Square Enix will set for you will be to obtain levels and earn ffxiv gil, which will help you buy the necessary lots of weapons and resources that are required precisely at this point in the gameplay.

The game has a premium account system, which is not particularly necessary for beginners, but if your task and main goal is to accumulate gold in Final Fantasy 14, then you need an auction for trading, which is only available to players who have paid for a premium subscription.

Tasks and quests

All orders that you can find in the world of FF 14, regardless of the plot and general tasks, will bring you FF 14 gils as a reward. The storyline will of course reward you more, and there are a lot of such tasks and, according to Square Enix, they will take at least 100 hours of real-time.

Try to explore the territories more and look for secondary tasks from factions and quest pillars in the regions.

They will help you earn additional gil and increase your loyalty level, which will open access to new rewards.

This is equipment for decoration if you enlist in the army, navy, cavalry, or special forces.

Regular tasks will be related to missions in the region, where you need to destroy certain monsters that are interfering with farmers and in return receive Final Fantasy gil, or the opportunity to buy back certain resources.

Sell ​​items to merchants

Sometimes low-value equipment and weapons can be sold not to other players, but simply to local NPCs - who will give you even a small amount of gil, but this is a quick way to clear out your inventory and free up more space after combat sorties.

Other players can also buy them back, but this will take time and the amounts will be minimal; you still have to wait for the purchase, which may not happen.

It is more profitable to sell Legendary and Mythic equipment and weapons only to other players, they will truly appreciate them and offer a more lucrative reward.

Treasure Hunt

On the territory of the kingdom there will be many hiding places and locations where you can find additional gil in the form of treasures that will be scattered throughout the maps, the main thing is to be animalistic, and do not forget to look at the interactive game map.

Crafts Guild Quests

One of the most profitable ways to earn gil is to interact with artisan guilds - for their orders you can receive resources and pure gil, which are then sold to other players, and your wallet of game coins is replenished.

The tasks will be not much different from other quests - you need to destroy monsters and bring different resources to the NPCs, depending on their activities.


Final Fantasy 14 has a very profitable raid system, which consists of three bosses that need to be destroyed as part of a group, and the more difficult the raid, the better the rewards. Not all of them will be given to you and will be suitable specifically for your class.

Therefore, sometimes it is more profitable to simply put up all the excess items for auction. You can see the current prices there but try not to drop the price, otherwise, you won’t be able to profitably sell expensive items later. When an item is sold, you will receive a notification and your earned gil in FF 14.

Trading at auction, including resources

All mechanics that bring you resources and rewards can subsequently be sold unless of course you no longer need them.

You can sell ore and gems mined with a pickaxe.

Fabrics and reagents, leather and hides, herbs and other resources can be sold to other artisans, at prices that greatly depend on the quality and your luck. You don’t have to sell the materials themselves, but put them into production and then sell finished items, which always brings more gil in FF 14, because many players don’t bother learning professions and extracting materials and resources.

All the weapons and armor that you will receive for quests, as trophies and with the help of the raid system, you can also put up for auction and if the price is suitable for the players, they will buy them, and you will receive your gil in Final Fantasy 14.

Conclusions on getting gil in Final Fantasy 14

FF 14 is an active project in the MMO RPG heat, in which gold, or rather gil, will play an important role in Final Fantasy. For it, you can buy all the necessary equipment and resources that you lack for comfortable gameplay and level progression up to the current level 90.

You will accumulate the bulk of your reserves of game currency by completing story and secondary tasks and helping guilds of hunters and travelers. You can even join the army, which will bring you levels, weapons and equipment, resources and pure FF 14 gil. Most of this can be sold to other players through an auction, or to NPCs in trading shops and get your gold.

Additionally, you will be able to go to raids that are designed for groups of players and with their help you will be able to receive weapons and equipment of legendary and epochal quality that will help strengthen your hero, or they can be put up for auction after checking their average cost. There will be three bosses, which significantly increases your chances and at the same time makes the process much more interesting, but at the same time more difficult.

Don’t forget about the usual trophies like treasuries, of which there are quite a lot in the territory of Final Fantasy 14. They can be with or without guards, just keep an eye on the mini-map as you travel.

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