About this Launchpad

PancakeSwap is launching on 1 blockchain. The most prominent blockchain running on this launchpad is null.

No one can deny that PancakeSwap is the biggest of the launchpad tokens on the market today. Not necessarily in terms of individual value per CAKE, but its market cap has surpassed $2 billion in recent weeks. That is a tremendous milestone and sets the bar for other tokens to live up to.

Some of the most prominent projects launched via PancakeSwap include Meta Apes , Trivians, Era7: Game of Truth. A full list of projects and their performance is listed below.

Past IDOs

$0.024$0.04$4,173,369$2,000,0000.59x5.91xIDOAug 04
$0.00041$0.035$107,143$1,750,0000.01x1.17xIDOJul 07
$0.00039$0.06$258,321$4,000,0000.01x1.82xIDOJan 18
$0.12$0.075$71,262,468$900,0001.62x85.07xIDONov 04
$0.011$1.75-$437,5000.01x6.59xIDOOct 27