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Aurory is a JRPG computer game where people will evolve in a rich and diverse universe. In this world, you will discover Antik and Cryptos, two different areas and biomes. You will meet several NPCs and the mystical creatures that are living in this world, called Nefties. Throughout your journey, you will own Nefties and use them to fight in awesome battles.


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0/ Let's explore @AuroryProject, where you catch Nefty creatures, solve puzzles, and battle NPCs and other players through Pokemon-style 3v3 combat!

Aurory could be the next breakthrough for turn-based Japanese RPGs - Here's what we found👇 [THREAD]

Vampire Helios finally has his bats 🦇🦇🦇
Thank you ⁦⁦@AuroryProject⁩ for always going above and beyond to create the best experience. Can't wait until all the Helios unite 🛡️⚔️

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