Ubisoft's The Watch: Lead Your Squad to Victory in this Intense NFT Strategy Game


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A new NFT strategy game has entered the arena, and it is backed by one of the biggest gaming companies of our time. The Watch, formerly known as the Frontier, is a fast-paced and competitive free-to-play online P2E that combines real-time tactics and elements of the MOBA genre.

Currently in development and supported by Ubisoft, the game takes players on a sci-fi journey to battle against players with the goal of destroying the enemy’s base. Using digital assets or NFTs, The Watch brings a unique web3-based experience for the entire gaming industry.

Interested? Learn more about this epic NFT game and ponder with us as we ask the question: What will this game bring to the table for the NFT gaming industry?

Let’s dive in.


In The Watch, players are brought to a mysterious sci-fi setting where the name of the game is a strategy and how to outthink your opponent using skillsabilitiesunits, and various structures.

The Watch Map Design

Using your battle decks, teams will be given troops or units that can be given abilities to gain an advantage. Featuring a Dynamic map alongside turrets you have to take down and lanes similar to a MOBA experience.


The lifeline of a player is their core - located in the heart of your base. If your core gets destroyed, you lose.  But if you managed to destroy the enemy’s core, then victor is in your hands.

The Core

The core is also where your units are spawned. But speaking of units, these are the characters you use to gain control of the map and secure objectives against your opponents.

Units can be equipped with special abilities called Blocks. Blocks grant your units special abilities, from epic fireballs to lightning strikes. But not all Blocks are the same. There are two kinds of blocks with each of their own power and purpose:

  • Flash Blocks - Special Abilities used in-game. You can equip up to 10 of them.
  • Glitch Blocks - Strong Ultimate abilities of the game. Due to its prowess, you can only equip one of them at a time.

Gameplay Sneak Peek

Each unit can equip up to eleven unique blocks, so it's entirely up to you how you approach your army.  How you approach the game will entirely rest upon how you synergize your abilities and troops.


In The Watch, no two armies look the same. This means that each unit is uniquely embedded on the blockchain as an NFT.  There are in-game cosmetics or skins, Blocks, Drives, and Keys.

Skins are in-game cosmetics that you can use on your units, giving them a unique signature look to your army. The highest NFTs selling right now is at 88ETH($150K+) while the lowest is 0.0168 ETH($28.67).

Unit Skins

Currently, there are various kinds of skins with their own fun and unique look. Examples of skins are the Gold knight Watcher, Spartan Watcher, and Black Samurai Watcher. Meanwhile, Blocks are the special abilities you can equip on your units, giving you a strategic advantage in the arena.


Keys and Data Key unlock like Stellar key unlocks specific perks and exclusive drops such as merch, tokens, airdrops, and many more.

III.Development Progress

The Watch has steadily progressed its game through the years. Its Genesis Tokens generated over $30 million in volume and onboarded more than 10,000 unique members overnight.

Additionally, they have conducted over 3 airdrops to its users comprised of tokens, flash drives, community droids, and more.

Just recently, they released a cinematic trailer and a series of Interactive films to showcase its deep and rich lore. Furthermore, gameplay footage unveiled on their Twitter account gives the community a first look at what they can expect from the game when it comes out.

You can check out the game’s current progress on their roadmap.

IV.Community Engagement

For NFT games, community engagement is an integral part of the development process. Ubisoft-backed The Watch understands this concept which is why it fosters a strong community on Discord(roughly 3.4K members) and has over 38,000 followers on Twitter.

The development team has committed to dishing out a weekly update on its discord server, updating its community on the progress of development.

Updates on their Discord

You can join their discord server using this link: https://discord.gg/thewatch


The Watch will be an exciting addition to the web3 gaming sphere, offering a unique take on a MOBA-fused real-time strategy game alongside NFTs and blockchain-based elements. Despite Ubisoft’s previous mishaps with NFTs, the iconic gaming company is not backing down on its support for web3 projects and games.

It will be exciting to see what the development team will be unveiled in future updates. If you want to learn more about The Watch, you can visit our game page for more information.

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