How To Play The Backwoods NFT Game On Solana



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How To Play The Backwoods NFT Game On Solana

The Backwoods NFT game on Solana is now at the Open Alpha with the daily player count growing steadily. The game lets users earn points for free, which will later be converted into LEAF tokens at TGE. 

However, this game requires high skill and is not just a simple click-to-earn game. So, what is the gameplay of The Backwoods like? Find out more in the article below.

What Is The Backwoods Crypto Game?

The Backwoods is one of the hottest Solana NFT games where players fight monsters to upgrade weapons. The game is set in a forest centered around Eldetree, a giant tree that emits mystical energy. Players are villagers from Nightville, tasked with fighting monsters to protect Eldetree.

Backwoods has caught the attention of the crypto community with its engaging gameplay and the chance to receive airdrops when the token launches. The project is also followed by the official Solana Foundation account on X (Twitter) and has a close relationship with the Tensor development team, the leading NFT exchange on Solana.

How To Get The Backwoods NFT?

Currently, there is only one set of heroes, the primary NFT collection in the game, around which all game features revolve. In the future, there will be additional NFT sets like Mecha, Gear, etc., serving as accompanying equipment.

To acquire the Backwoods NFT set, you had to participate in minting during the whitelist phase at 1.3 $SOL per NFT or during the public sale phase at 1.5 $SOL per NFT. But now you can only purchase them directly on the market on Tensor Trade.

How To Play The Backwoods Game On Solana?

To win and achieve the highest score, players must complete all 30 waves, with increasing difficulty after each wave. Below, I'll break it down into smaller wave clusters so players can have a reasonable strategy.

Waves 1-5

This is the beginning phase of the game, not too difficult, and a suitable time to accumulate gold. However, players must perform efficiently in the early waves to establish a foundation for subsequent waves. Some tips for farming gold efficiently include:

Prioritize close-range weapons and white-grade weapons in the early waves. The Medieval weapon set should be prioritized as it increases health, making you tougher, and the spreading damage of existing weapons helps to efficiently clear multiple targets, optimizing gold earnings. If the weapons are unfavorable, avoid the Engineering weapon set.

The Combat set, especially Wolverine, is an excellent choice as it can hit multiple targets simultaneously, increasing Dodge which means a higher evasion rate, a significant advantage in this meta.

From Waves 1-4, the monsters are relatively easy to deal with, with some long-range attackers appearing, but they only shoot one bullet and fly slowly, making them easy to handle. 

Wave 5 will introduce monsters shooting five bullets, which are not only numerous but also fly fast. My tip here is to move in a rectangle pattern on the map, not getting too close to the walls but remaining flexible. However, fundamentally, stick to moving in a rectangle pattern to force the monsters to shoot in a single direction.

During this phase, don't focus too much on accessories. If purchasing, prioritize Dodge and Speed first to increase the evasion ability and speed to avoid the appearance of monsters. As for Damage, Crit Rate, and Attack Speed, players should be flexible based on the amount of money. Max HP is not a priority here as the monsters' damage is significantly higher than the health gained from Max HP accessories. 

Essentially, in this phase, monsters are relatively weak, so attributes related to physical strength are not necessary. Accessories that increase Luck, KnockBack, Engineering, and Range can be skipped.

Waves 5-10

Surviving through wave 5 and advancing to wave 6 makes everything easier. The priority is still to accumulate gold, increase Dodge, and Speed, and buy low-level weapons for merging and selling common weapons may lead to heavy losses. That's why I don't recommend buying high-level weapons at the beginning because sometimes we don't know what weapon set the game will give us to play.

From waves 6-8, there's no need to hunt for high-grade weapons. Green-grade weapons are sufficient for combat.

Wave 9 will introduce the next appearance of monsters shooting five bullets. If not handled carefully, players may lose a lot of health before entering wave 10, which is the wave that faces the first Boss. Skill in this game is essential from this wave onwards.

Wave 10 will feature the first Boss. If you have long-range weapons built in the early or even later stages, it will be disadvantageous when encountering bosses in waves 10, 20, and 30. Their advantage will help you focus on dodging skills while still earning gold, but the disadvantage is that it will be very difficult to kill the Boss. 

Although the Boss is not too tough, its skills appear extensively, coupled with monsters shooting five bullets, if not careful, you will be out of this wave. This is contrary to the close combat weapons as they can quickly clear the Boss but come with the danger of being close to monsters.

In this phase, if players have enough gold and luck, they can gradually upgrade to blue and purple weapons. Prioritize Dodge before entering waves 10-20 as this is the toughest phase of the game. Whether it's close combat or long-range weapons depends on the weapon set the game gives you, and prioritize weapons of the same set to increase intrinsic power.

Waves 10-20

This is the most challenging phase of the game as characters are not yet strong enough but monsters are abundant. In this phase, using close combat weapons is quite challenging to farm gold because we still need to dodge attacks. 

Each weapon set will have different strengths, and each player will have suitable attributes for each set. If you don't get too many weapon sets or the weapon set you're building, you can focus on upgrading attributes to compensate.

Waves 20-30

If you've made it through the first 20 waves, you'll have a certain amount of gold and some inherent strength. In this phase, the blood drop rate is high, so players don't have to worry about running out of blood. 

If you don't have enough Damage, you can prioritize supportive accessories. Attack Speed is also quite powerful, cheap, and appears frequently, so you can supplement it according to the situation. 

How To Join The Backwoods Token Airdrop?

  • Step 1: Join the Game and earn points through gameplay
    Start by participating in the Open Alpha phase of The Backwoods. Visit their website and sign up.

Then, let’s play the game to earn points. It's easy to get into – just use the W, A, S, and D keys to move and dodge bullets.

  • Step 2: Buy and stake NFTs
    If you can afford it, mint a Backwoods NFT on Tensor and stake it to earn additional points. Initial minting was at 1.5 SOL, but prices have risen to around 2.66 SOL.
  • Step 3: Use referral codes to earn extra points
    You can get bonus points by using a code from another player. To generate your referral code, verify on their Discord, follow their Twitter account, and submit a valid access code.
  • Step 5: Stay updated and claim your airdrop
    Now you should follow Backwoods on social media and join their community channels to stay updated on any new developments or tournaments that could offer additional rewards. Once the airdrop is distributed, make sure to claim your $LEAF tokens and participate in the governance of The Backwoods project.

Airdrop Rewards

  • Genesis User Invitations
  • Hero NFT Whitelisting
  • Presale Opportunities
  • Exclusive In-Game Items
  • Token Rewards: 5% of the $LEAF tokens go to players based on their leaderboard standings.

Final Thoughts

Above are comprehensive insights and optimal strategies for navigating each stage of The Backwoods NFT Game on Solana. While players can earn points for free, converting them into LEAF tokens upon TGE, mastering The Backwoods requires skill beyond a mere click-to-earn format. 

By understanding the shifting meta and employing effective strategies at each stage, players can enhance their adaptability and edge closer to conquering the game.

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