How to Play Splinterlands: A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


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Maximizing your enjoyment and token rewards while playing Splinterlands: A comprehensive guide

Splinterlands, the trading card game, has consistently invested in its community, and 2023 is set to bring significant advancements. Recently, the game unveiled the initial phase of land gameplay, which includes land surveys. With the rise in floor prices of in-game assets and the growing excitement surrounding the game, we aim to keep you informed about the top play-to-earn games available in the market.

What is Splinterlands? 

Splinterlands stands out as a distinct digital trading card game, offering players true ownership of their cards and other in-game assets. Leveraging web 3.0 technology powered by the HIVE blockchain, every card in Splinterlands is a non-fungible token (NFT) exclusively owned by its player. This ownership grants players various possibilities, including battling for rewards, collecting, trading on peer-to-peer platforms, merging cards for leveling up, or even burning them to acquire Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the official in-game cryptocurrency.

Founded by blockchain visionaries who shared a common frustration with traditional digital trading card games, Splinterlands addresses key issues such as players losing ownership of their assets. In mainstream games, companies retain control over the cards, which can lead to information withholding, frequent reprints, or even total deletion of a player's collection due to inactivity or terms violations. Through blockchain technology, Splinterlands tackles these concerns by ensuring transparency, scarcity, and genuine ownership of digital trading cards by the players themselves.

Featuring hundreds of unique cards, Splinterlands is a meticulously crafted and fast-paced trading card game that offers players earning opportunities through gameplay (P2E). In contrast to traditional TCGs like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon, Splinterlands battles are swift, typically lasting only 2-3 minutes per match. The game's primary mechanic revolves around drafting, where each player selects a team of up to 6 cards from their Splinterlands collection. Matches unfold automatically based on a distinct set of rules, ensuring every encounter is dynamic and filled with action, providing valuable learning experiences from both victory and defeat.

Splinterlands caters to the strategic inclinations of its devoted player base, boasting one of the largest and most dedicated followings in the play-to-earn industry. Available in nearly a dozen languages and played across over 100 countries worldwide, the game facilitates daily transactions where thousands of cards exchange hands for substantial sums on peer-to-peer monster markets.

What sets Splinterlands apart in terms of innovation?

Splinterlands, while established in the blockchain gaming sphere, continually reinvents itself to stay relevant. Initially launched as Steem Monsters on the Steem blockchain, it later migrated to the Hive blockchain following changes in ownership by Justin Sun, rebranding as Splinterlands in the process.

One key innovation is the ownership of in-game cards as digital assets or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within Splinterlands. This unique feature grants players true ownership and control over their cards, distinguishing it from traditional gaming models.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to earn SPS tokens within the game. These tokens hold value and can be transferred to other blockchains like Ethereum or BNB Chain, providing players with additional flexibility and utility for their earnings. Additionally, players can acquire cards through gameplay or opt to burn them for DEC tokens, further enriching the in-game economy.

Splinterlands has also established a bridge to the Wax blockchain, enabling users to wrap their NFTs and trade them on popular NFT marketplaces hosted on Wax, thereby expanding the avenues for trading and monetization.

Continuing its evolution, the introduction of the SPS governance token and the integration of Staking into its tokenomics further enhance player engagement and participation. Additionally, the introduction of Land deeds serves to deepen the game's universe, offering players new dimensions of gameplay and immersion.

Where to download Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is available for download as a mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms, providing players with convenient access to the game on their smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the game can be played through a web browser on any desktop Windows PC or Apple MacBook.

It's important to note that while the mobile versions of Splinterlands offer a convenient gaming experience on the go, they may have limited functionalities compared to the browser version. On the other hand, the browser version of the game encompasses all features and functionalities, providing a comprehensive gaming experience for players on desktop devices.

How to Get Started in Splinterlands?

  1. Begin by creating an account on Splinterlands or log in using a web browser extension wallet like MetaMask. Please note that to access the earning features of Splinterlands, players are required to pay a $10 fee.
  2. Once your account is set up and you're logged in, navigate to the "Play Now" button and proceed to click on it. Then, on the subsequent page, click on the "Battle" button.
  3. The Splinterlands battle system will automatically search for an opponent whose skill level or experience closely matches yours.
  4. Upon finding an opponent, a pop-up window will appear, outlining the specific limitations and rules of the upcoming battle. This may include restrictions on certain types of cards that can be used, as well as the maximum amount of Mana points you can spend during the battle.
  5. To proceed, click on the "Create Team" option to assemble your team of cards for the battle.
  6. Now, within the allocated time limit, craft a strategic team using the available cards and stay within the specified maximum Mana points displayed at the top left corner. Each card has an associated Mana cost, and skillfully combining cards enhances the overall performance of your deck.
  7. Once both players have finalized their teams, the battle initiates. From this point onward, players have no direct influence on the outcome. You can either observe the battle unfolding or simply click to view the results. The victorious player earns SPS tokens and experience points, while the defeated player loses some experience points.

As you accumulate victories, your rank will ascend. Through continuous leveling up and the completion of quests, players have the opportunity to earn chests. These chests may contain cards, credits, or SPS tokens. Subsequently, you can enhance existing cards by merging them. The strength of your card collection directly influences the maximum level you can attain.

Furthermore, your card collection contributes to your power rank, influencing your League ranking. As players ascend the competitive ladders, they unlock more lucrative rewards. The higher you climb, the greater the rewards you can collect.

Splinterlands Gameplay

In Splinterlands, there exist multiple avenues for earning tokens, and the more you invest in the game, the more lucrative these opportunities become.

For players beginning without any initial investment aside from the $10 Summoner’s Book, initial earnings may be modest. However, engaging in battles and completing daily quests swiftly enables users to increase their earnings within the game. It's essential to progress through the ranks to unlock the full spectrum of earning mechanics. This approach has been implemented by developers to mitigate the presence of bots within the game.

Seasonal and daily quest rewards
Players in Splinterlands have the opportunity to earn rewards through both daily and seasonal quests.

On a daily basis, players can complete quests and claim their rewards. These quests refresh every 24 hours and vary each time. The rewards are distributed based on the number of Focus Points earned, with reward packs containing cards, SPS tokens, or occasionally even card packs.

Additionally, Splinterlands operates on a seasonal cycle lasting two weeks. At the end of each season, players receive season reward packs based on the highest League they reached and the Season Points earned. These packs may contain cards, packs, and SPS tokens, providing players with further incentives to participate actively in the game.Energy limitations
In Splinterlands, players' SPS earnings are directly correlated with their level of activity and performance. As players accumulate rewards and acquire cards, the overall value of their account grows. However, players are constrained by their Energy, which dictates the number of matches they can participate in. Each player is initially allocated 50 Energy, which regenerates on an hourly basis. Furthermore, players can only purchase a new batch of 50 Energy once every 24 hours, imposing a limit on their gameplay sessions.

Why do I get different amounts of SPS for wins?
The amount of SPS tokens you receive for winning battles in Splinterlands can vary due to several factors. Firstly, the game operates on a pool of rewards that are distributed among the winners of each battle. Therefore, the more SPS tokens available in the reward pool, the higher the potential earnings for victorious players.

Furthermore, your individual earnings are influenced by various factors such as the number of players participating, your league level, and other relevant variables within the game.To maximize your earnings, consider utilizing Gold Foil and Alpha/Promo cards, which provide a 10% bonus on your rewards. Additionally, don't overlook the potential Guild bonus, which can offer up to a 20% increase in earnings. By leveraging these bonuses and optimizing your gameplay strategies, you can enhance your SPS token earnings in Splinterlands.

Trading NFT Cards

To maximize profits in the game, players can explore various strategies beyond simply earning SPS tokens through gameplay. One effective approach is to capitalize on the game's marketplace by selling earned cards. Combining acquired cards to enhance their performance and subsequently increase their market value is another viable strategy. Additionally, players can opt to burn cards in exchange for DEC tokens, thereby further boosting their earnings.For those who prefer to retain ownership of their assets while still generating profit, Splinterlands offers the option to rent out cards to other players. This allows players to earn passive income by leasing their cards to fellow gamers, providing an alternative avenue for generating revenue within the game.

The different tokens in Splinterlands

In the Splinterlands ecosystem, three distinct types of currencies are in circulation, each serving specific purposes to enhance players' experiences:

  1. Credits: This in-game currency provides players with the ability to purchase card packs or make transactions on the open marketplace within Splinterlands.
  2. DEC tokens: Acquired through the process of burning NFT cards, DEC tokens are essential for purchasing or upgrading certain items within the Splinterlands universe. Additionally, players utilize DEC tokens for renting cards, further expanding their utility within the ecosystem.
  3. SplinterShards (SPS) tokens: SPS tokens serve as the governance token of the Splinterlands ecosystem. Currently, players earn SPS tokens based on their ownership of NFT cards or DEC tokens. The more tokens a player possesses, the rarer their items become, resulting in higher SPS token earnings. Moreover, SPS tokens grant players the opportunity to participate in community voting processes, providing a means for players to actively engage in shaping the Splinterlands community.

Where to Discover NFT Marketplaces for Trading?

  • Splinterlands Built-in Marketplace:Splinterlands offers its own integrated marketplace where players can acquire NFTs using DEC, SPS, or in-game Credits.
  • AtomicHub: AtomicHub stands as the premier marketplace on the Wax blockchain. Here, players can explore and trade Splinterlands items among a diverse range of NFTs.

Splinterlands Land Gameplay

In 2021, Splinterlands introduced NFT land deeds to its platform, a move that proved immensely successful despite lacking utilities at the time. Fast forward to 2023, and the fruition of this new gameplay emerges with the launch of "The Secret of Praetoria" land expansion.

By April 2023, landowners gained the ability to survey their plots, uncovering the mysteries hidden within. Each plot of land, being an NFT, saw a surge in its collection's floor price due to this revelation.For landowners dissatisfied with their land's initial quality, there are avenues for improvement. Spending DEC tokens enables them to boost certain stats or develop advancements. Alternatively, they have the option to sell their land in non-card game NFT marketplaces.

This marks a nascent stage in the game's evolution, with each plot of land requiring development. Landowners can gather resources by utilizing their Splinterlands cards, paving the way for resource creation. These resources, in turn, can be fashioned into items to aid players in the Splinterlands card game.

How to Obtain Your Rebellion Booster Pack in Splinterlands

The Rebellion Card Set marks Splinterlands' latest and most ambitious release yet. Set to pre-launch on October 18th and officially debut on December 5th, this edition promises to revolutionize gameplay dynamics with the introduction of innovative elements like dual-element Summoners, Armored Strike, Corrosive Ward, and more. Beyond its gameplay enhancements, this update holds significant lore value, representing a pivotal moment in the Splinterlands universe.Enthusiastic Splinterlands fans will have the opportunity to partake in the Rebellion Presale, commencing on October 18th and lasting for 30 days or until all 500,000 packs are sold out. Early participants in the presale stand to receive exclusive limited-edition rewards, including two promo cards unavailable elsewhere.

Moreover, participants vying for top spots on the presale leaderboard will have a unique chance to collaborate on the design of a Legendary Summoner card and earn prestigious in-game titles.

Priced at approximately $3.10 per pack, with potential discounts available through VOUCHER tokens, players eagerly await December 5th to unleash the full potential of their new cards in battles. Rebellion booster packs can be conveniently purchased from the shop section of the official Splinterlands website.

Final thought

Splinterlands embodies innovation in the digital trading card game realm, offering players true ownership of their assets through blockchain technology. With its fast-paced gameplay and diverse earning opportunities, Splinterlands captivates players worldwide. From battling for rewards to trading NFT cards, Splinterlands provides a multifaceted gaming experience. The introduction of the Rebellion Card Set signifies a new chapter in Splinterlands' evolution, promising exciting gameplay dynamics and immersive lore. As Splinterlands continues to push boundaries and lead industry innovations, players can anticipate a thrilling journey through its ever-expanding universe.

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