How to Play Nekoverse: A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


12 days ago

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Nekoverse is an NFT play-to-earn MMORPG game.Based on Solana, this turn-based strategy game lets players socialize, battle, explore, farm resources, and craft items centered around collectible NFT creatures called Nekos.

Playable on both mobile iOS and Android, Nekos are more than just cute and cuddly creatures. These little guys pack a serious punch, which makes them the perfect fighters to take on other players. Moreover,  each Neko is unique with its own kind of element and profession.

The game has been in its test net phase since February 1, and the team is currently working towards launching it on the mainnet. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know before it goes mainstream.

I.Game mechanics

In Nekoverse, Neko’s are unique NFTs with randomly generated traits. They are separated into 3 classes: 

  • Origin Quad - Prime Elements such as Fire, Nature, Earth, Water
  • Pancha Triad - Ice and Lightning
  • Void Dyad - Light and Dark

Starting off in level 1, Nekos will be used in the core gameplay of Nekoverse: BattlingResource farming, and Item crafting. The team also introduces a profession or class to Nekos. This allows deeper character development with Nekos, imbuing them into various classes such as Blacksmiths, Hunts, Alchemists, and more.

Neko characters can fight against other players in Real-Time Skill-based battle modes such as 1v1, 3v3, and tournaments. 

 Nekoverse Battle Mode Preview

In battles, strategy plays a major role in determining who wins since the strength of your Neko will be determined from the combination of its stats: elements, items, and skills that lead to the creation of an action-packed strategy game

For every battle your Neko wins, it gains combat stats making it stronger. Further down the line players will have more opportunities to strengthen their Nekos.

Aside from fighting, Nekos can be used to farm resources and items that can either be sold on the marketplace, used to craft better items, or can apply stats that can boost your Neko.

II.Tips and tricks

A player's success in Nekoverse will be dependent on its three pillars of gameplay: StatsSkills, and Elements.

  • Stats
    • Stats are the basics of any strategy game. Health points, attack, defense, evasion - they are the components of what makes your Neko strong or average.

Neko stats

  • Skills
    • Nekos can acquire skills that are synonymous with their elements. Like Pokemon, they are the features you use to attack or defend enemies.
  • Elements
    • A Neko’s element is not just for show. Each element has a weakness and strength. Victory is in the hands of those who take advantage of boosts and debuffs.
    • Elements in Nekoverse are numerous, ranging from prime elements such as Earth and Water to the recent Pancha Triad collection comprising Spirit, Ice, and lightning.
    • Currently, there are 9 known elements namely Fire, Earth, Water, Nature, Spirit, Ice, Lightning, Light, and Dark

Pancha Triad

III.Nekos and breeding:

Now that we know tips and tricks as well as the different types of Nekos, breeding is an exciting feature that lets players combine two existing Nekos to form a new dual-element Neko.

Breeding is done through the combination of two Nekos of different elements in which players receive an NFT egg with a unique combination of traits from its parents. Additionally, eggs can also be traded in-game or in marketplaces such as OpenSea or Magic Eden.

Magic Eden Marketplace

There are also benefits of holding NFTs Nekos. In their recent, NFT collection, Pancha Triad Neko, holders enjoy exclusive privileges such as passive income and APY. Due to its sought-after rewards, the collection was sold out as soon as March 7th, 2023. You can buy one for as low as 0.489 SOL.


Nekoverse offers a fun-filled collectible strategy game that also allows players to earn off their hard work and skills. The team is constantly updating and adding new content, providing an even deeper level of strategy to the game.

As the game moves closer to its main net launch, it's high time that gamers try out Nekoverse. But if you still want to learn more, you can check out our Nekoverse page for more information.

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