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Guild of Guardians offers an engaging role-playing experience where players lead their squad through dungeons, aiming for rewards and renown. Developed by Immutable Games in partnership with Mineloader Studios, this mobile game centers on crypto loot, NFT characters, guilds, and combat. 

For those looking to optimize their gameplay, the Guild of Guardians tier list provides valuable insights into the best characters and strategies to succeed. Now's the prime moment to dive in. 

Guild of Guardians Gameplay Overview

Guild of Guardians delivers a top-quality game for mobile web3 players. The game features a diverse roster of characters and engaging gameplay. You'll stay captivated for hours as you clear dungeons and upgrade your lineup.

Players form teams of heroes to enter dungeons and fight. Strategy is crucial, as your team composition and synergies matter. Skill usage and dodging enemy attacks are essential for progress. Choose your heroes carefully to maximize team synergy.

Each dungeon is unique, filled with monsters, bosses, and traps. Dungeons offer a variety of loot, including resources, currency, and equipment. Use these items to craft stronger gear, level up heroes, or recruit higher-ranked heroes after exiting the dungeon.

As an NFT game, Guild of Guardians allows you to convert your in-game assets into digital properties. You can buy or sell your Guild of Guardians NFTs on the open marketplace at TokenTrove. Utilizing the Guild of Guardians tier list, you can estimate the value of each NFT on the market to make informed decisions and strategically manage your digital assets.

Guild of Guardians Classes Introduction

Before delving into the Guild of Guardians Tier List, let's explore the main classes in this game. If you’ve played many RPGs, you'll likely be familiar with the mechanics of some of these classes:

  • Tanks: Take the hits so your team doesn't have to.
  • Warriors: Deal damage and shrug off blows.
  • Rangers: Shoot from afar, dealing hefty damage.
  • Assassins: Sneak behind enemy lines for surgical strikes.
  • Mages: Unleash the magic and wreak havoc.
  • Supports: Patch up, boost, and mess with the enemy.


Warriors are mainly physical damage dealers. They use strength gear and always target the nearest enemy. Warriors are in a tricky spot in the game. They don’t take hits as well as tanks due to their lower HP and defense. Their base attack stat is the second lowest among all classes. This makes them less ideal for the front row. You might be better off choosing another tank or a self-healing Guardian.Source: Guild of Guardians
Certain warriors can still be very effective. For example, Corvus, Kriez, and Dorro deal a lot of damage with their ultimate abilities. Others, like Tybor, Prielle, and Damos, have abilities that make them more durable.
While warriors can be viable, they tend to die too quickly in high-difficulty content to be truly effective. Hopefully, they’ll get some improvements from the team before the game launches.


Tanks are probably the most well-known character role in RPGs. They soak up attacks from enemies, giving your damage dealers time to take them down.Source: Guild of Guardians
Tanks use strength gear and have the highest base HP and defense in the game. They focus on the enemy’s front row, unlike warriors who might turn to attack enemies behind them.

Tank abilities usually boost their survivability. They can use shields, damage reduction, additional HP, and, in Grine’s case, resurrection.Telva and Ikam have abilities that taunt opponents, redirecting attacks away from other units. Ikam’s unique item can upgrade his taunt duration by 10 seconds, providing extra cover for your second front-row character.There are many tanks to choose from, but my favorite Web2 tanks are Tsurgog, Ikam, and Grine.


Assassins focus on dealing physical melee damage to an enemy’s back row. They have the highest base attack in the game. Surprisingly, they aren’t far behind warriors in survivability, even though they wear agility gear.Source: Guild of Guardians
Most assassins have an active skill that makes them teleport to the squishiest enemy for a devastating attack. This is a great way to handle ranged enemies and healers, but it has a downside. After the strike, your assassin will be targeted by the remaining back-line enemies and any warriors in the front row.You need a plan to keep them alive through 20 to 50 consecutive fights. This requires more finesse than some other classes that can just power through a dungeon. It might involve stacking evade gear and runes, pairing them with Guardians who can taunt, or supporting them with big AoE damage dealers who can reach the back row.

Don’t let your assassin’s quick demise turn you off from them. They’re fun to play and can speed up combat dramatically once you figure them out.Some assassins to try include Salve, Ashwyn, and Fievall. Salve is particularly effective because his ultimate skill can mow down the enemy’s back row.


Rangers are all about dishing out big damage from afar. They gear up for agility, but unlike assassins, they can't take much of a hit.Source: Guild of Guardians

With the lowest HP and defense stats, Rangers need some serious frontline muscle to keep them safe.Even then, they're sitting ducks for enemy assassins and other Rangers. And their targeting habits? Kinda all over the place. Sometimes they nail the enemy's back line, other times they waste shots on tough tanks. That's why all Rangers who can spread the pain, like Atticus or Derisda.


Mages are the big hitters when it comes to magic damage in the game. They gear up with intelligence items, usually attack from afar, and sit somewhere in the middle in terms of their stats.Source: Guild of Guardians

They're not as tough as warriors, but they dish out a lot more damage with their basic moves and special abilities. What makes mages stand out in GoG isn't just their damage, but also their versatility.Take Tian Long, a top-tier Legendary mage from the first generation. He packs a punch with his area attacks, can patch himself up, shut down enemies with silence, and boost his attack power. He's a solid choice to replace a frontline warrior.Then there's Tallah, famous for being a daily reward. She's adored by many in the GoG community for her talent in stacking up burn status on enemy formations.

Mages bring a ton of perks to your team, so don't hesitate to swap them in for other guardian types and see how they shake things up.


Support Guardians are all about boosting your team, messing with the enemy, or patching up wounds.Source: Guild of Guardians
They sport intelligence gear and match up to mages in the State Department. They're a tad sturdier though, and I've spotted some teams sticking them right at the front. Having a healer in your squad is almost a must for GoG's Adventure and Endless runs.Flix, Aquiris, Aria, or Tavros - you'll likely want at least one of these folks to keep your crew kicking in tougher stages. But healing isn't all they do. Some support Guardians like Elohatt, Oxellus, and Bahram can also pitch in with damage. Others, such as Griselle, Thorit, Andronica, and Zole, dish out major buffs to your team.Swapping out a damage-dealing Guardian for support one might not feel right, but trust me, these support types can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Guild of Guardians Tier List

Now, it's time to discover the definitive Guild of Guardians Tier List. You will be equipped with essential insights into hero rankings and team compositions for navigating the immersive world of this captivating RPG adventure!

Tier S

  • Tavros (Heal, Buff, Debuff): Tavros is the best supporter and healer, keeping all allies' HP up during battles.
  • Cyrus (Damage, Shield): Cyrus is a tank that deals massive damage and protects allies with a damage-reducing shield.
  • Lia (Damage, Heal, Buff): Lia, a mage, heals allies by damaging enemies and buffs their attack.
  • TianLong (Damage, Heal, Silence): TianLong heals himself by damaging enemies and has a silencing skill.
  • Phoenicia (Damage, Debuff, Shield): Phoenicia, a mage, deals heavy damage and shields her allies.
  • Freia (Damage, HP Regen, CC): Freia, a tank, has high sustainability and can save allies from death.
  • Prielle (Shield): Prielle, despite being an epic guardian, ranks in Tier S due to her shield abilities for herself and her allies.

Tier A

  • Oxellus (Clone, Buff, Debuff): Oxellus, an Axolotl, uses clones and buffs/debuffs.
  • Tieroc (Damage, Buff): Tieroc, a mage, drains enemy energy, boosts allies, and blocks enemy ultimates.
  • Kharkuk (Damage, Immunity): Kharkuk, a warrior, has an immunity ability that prevents death for a time.
  • Rufus (Damage, Buff, CC): Rufus deals massive damage to multiple enemies with his skill.
  • Helia (Debuff, Heal, CC): Helia charms enemies, forcing them to attack their allies.
  • Morax (Damage, CC): Morax, an epic tank, deals damage to multiple enemies, stuns them, and has immunity to crowd control.
  • Takati (Shield, CC, Buff): Takati is the toughest tank, with a passive that reduces damage taken and the ability to shield frontline guardians.

Tier B

  • Tusgrog(Damage): Easily defeats enemies, perfect timing in attacks, powerful warrior. But hindered by tough terrain, vulnerable to counterattacks and easily injured by surprise attacks.
  • Elohatt(Shield): Elohatt possesses strong necromancy skills. He thrives and adapts well in harsh environments and is capable of altering surroundings and circumstances.
  • Flix(CC, Buff): Swift and adept at stealth and maneuvers with ease in difficult terrain. Dodges attacks effectively, proficient with various weapons.
  • Herne(Shield): Herne excels as a master archer with unparalleled accuracy, stealth expertise, woodland survival skills, and a tactical mindset for effective ambushes.
  • Tybor(Shield, Damage): Tybor offers formidable protection, employs strategic tactics, demonstrates resilient endurance, and inspires allies with his unwavering presence.
  • Ennara(Damage): Ennara exhibits exceptional magical prowess with versatile spells and potent abilities that turn the tide of battle in her favor.

Tier C

  • Atticus(Damage): Atticus showcases unparalleled swordsmanship, strategic prowess, and unwavering determination, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.
  • Ewindel(Damage): Ewindel demonstrates mastery in elemental magic, wielding powerful spells with precision and versatility, shaping the battlefield to her advantage.
  • Duren(Damage, Buff): Duren showcases unparalleled strength and resilience, wielding his massive axe with devastating force, becoming an unstoppable force on the battlefield.
  • Miera(Damage, Heal): Miera proves herself as a skilled ranger, utilizing her sharpshooting abilities and wilderness survival skills to outmaneuver and outwit her foes in the dense forests.
  • Salve(Buff, Damage): Salve shines as a master healer, offering crucial support with potent restorative magic and unwavering dedication to keeping allies in the fight.
  • Grine(Shield, Heal): Grine emerges as a formidable warrior, wielding brute strength and expert combat skills to dominate the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of enemies.
  • Kwitare(Buff, CC): Kwitare stands out as a cunning and agile rogue, utilizing stealth and precision strikes to outmaneuver foes and emerge victorious in the shadows of the forest.

Tier D

  • Thorit( Buff, Heal): Thorit epitomizes raw power and resilience, wielding his mighty hammer with unmatched strength, crushing enemies, and leading the charge on the battlefield.
  • Ashwyn(Damage): Ashwyn embodies unparalleled arcane mastery, wielding potent spells with finesse and precision to shape the battlefield and vanquish adversaries with magical prowess.
  • Bahram(Damage, Buff): Bahram showcases unmatched martial prowess, wielding his dual blades with lightning speed and precision, cutting through enemies with deadly efficiency on the battlefield.
  • Lixiss(CC, Heal): Lixiss emerges as a formidable sorceress, wielding powerful arcane spells with precision and mastery, reshaping the battlefield to her advantage with devastating magical prowess.
  • Brund(Shield, Damage): Brund stands as a towering juggernaut, wielding his massive Warhammer with devastating force, crushing enemies, and leading the charge with unwavering determination on the battlefield.
  • Gwynn(Damage, Immunity): Gwynn showcases unparalleled archery skills, delivering precise and deadly shots from a distance, ensuring enemies fall before her unmatched marksmanship on the battlefield.
  • Balor(CC, Shield): Balor emerges as a fearsome berserker, unleashing relentless fury with his massive ax, striking fear into enemies, and dominating the battlefield with unmatched ferocity. 

Final Thoughts

Guild of Guardians offers an immersive RPG experience with diverse characters and strategic gameplay. We hope our Guild of Guardians Tier List can help you in choosing your heroes wisely, crafting unique strategies, and delving into dungeons for rewards. With exciting partnerships and prize pools, now's the time to join the adventure. Dive in and become a legendary Guardian!

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