Top 5 Emerging AI NFT Game Projects You Don't Want To Miss On 2022


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Achieving a fully-functioning Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been something humanity has dreamt of accomplishing. AI has become increasingly popular in recent times, with applications like ChatGPT and Midjourney making their way into our daily lives.

However, whichever your opinion is about this recent development, it has certainly changed the way most people think about technology and finance. For the NFT game industry, this is something people have been eagerly anticipating – Web3 games and AI certainly feel at home with each other.

Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

Traditional video games have always had an intimate relationship with AI, providing gamers with immersive and interactive experiences since the 1950s. AI could already be seen in classic arcade games such as Pac-man.

Pac-man uses AI to control the movement of the four ghosts that chase you in the game. You may not know this, but each ghost has its own unique set of algorithms that control its movement.

  • Blinky chases directly
  • Pinky tries to ambush
  • Clyde and Inky behave unpredictably

The implementation of AI greatly enhances the gamer experience, contributing a dynamic challenge to the arcade genre. This makes it one of the most iconic games that are still remembered today.

However, the AI of today's gaming world has evolved beyond what was once possible. Game developers are now finding new and innovative ways to implement AI in games, providing players with even more realistic and dynamic gameplay experiences. This shift towards advanced AI technology in the gaming industry is leading to the creation of new and exciting games that blur the lines between the virtual and the real world.

Let’s take a look at the emerging AI NFT game projects in space.

The Top AI NFT Game Projects

We will be showcasing the top 5 emerging AI NFT game projects of 2023. These games are currently pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world – integrating advanced AI with NFT game economies.

1. AI Arena

AI Arena is an AI-powered NFT game featuring AI-enabled NFTs that players can purchase, train and battle in a PvP fighting arena. Based on Ethereum, players can design, train and battle NFT characters that are powered by artificial neural networks. 

The game features a platformer fighting game where players can enter their NFTs into battle, allowing them to earn $NRN or NEURON and can possibly climb the leaderboards.

The game uses AI to power your digitally owned NFTs. It uses a Machine Learning (ML) model to create a complex layered character giving it its own unique physical attributes, rarity, and frame(its robot body).

2. RFox Valt

RFOX VALT is a gaming metaverse experience where players can socialize with friendsown avatars and apartments, and explore its sci-fi worlds.

The game has AI-powered Apartments which players can personalize using AI tech. Using the four types of apartments: Studio, Standard, Penthouse, and Sky Apartments, players can utilize their voice to interact with their own personal AI assistant to customize their apartments with their own personal flair.

3. AI Rein Awakening

AI Rein Awakening features a future where AI and humankind coexist in perfect harmony, leading to the creation of a new breed of humans known as AI- Awakened Humans.

Once players get their hands on its Avatar NFTs, they will be able to explore the metaverse and participate in its many opportunities. The project has recently released its web-based AI Apocalypse Survival game. Players will be put to the survival test while trying to defend themselves from an army of enemies.

4. NetBorn

NetBorn is a developing triple-A metaverse game where AI will be integrated into its fully-interactive MMORPG world.

The game is an open-world RPG game set in a futuristic cyberpunk AI world, where players can explore wherever, become whoever, and use a variety of vehicles to explore its futuristic sci-fi city like Cyberpunk 2077.

5. Realm

Realm is developing a mobile metaverse product with teased AI-technology elements. Realm seeks to empower both players and creators in generating its own future in a co-owned virtual metaverse.

The developers have teased several aspects of the game such as the revelation of “The Lab”, a custom tool to create games, Speed boosts, Gravity Bombs, and Randomised Item Boxes. Moreover, their Twitter team has recently teased the implementation of AI on its platform.

Although its exact details have yet to be seen, it’s safe to assume that AI is going to be playing a hand in Realm’s creation of a customizable gaming metaverse for creators.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the integration of AI and cryptocurrencies has sought to create a new level of gaming experience that was not possible before. Most of these projects are still in their early building phase yet they have sparked creativity and excitement for fans who want to see AI technology create a unique gaming experience.

We can expect to see more advanced and innovative AI crypto games in the future as the technology continues to evolve. Keep an eye out for future advancements as the AI NFT gaming industry continues to evolve and innovate. Stay tuned to Chainplay as we report on these AI NFT game advancements.

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