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Welcome to Illuvium: Overworld Beta, an exciting open-world fantasy battle game that combines the collectibility of NFT creatures with immersive gameplay and strategic decision-making. In this game, you’ll be tasked to explore a vast alien world filled with mysterious Illuvials and resources.

Illuvium Overworld is introduced as a triple-A blockchain game. Like the classical game Pokemon, players are tasked with battling and capturing mysterious epic creatures called Illuvials. If and how you catch them will be entirely up to your strategy!

The Closed Beta has just been released and players will have the chance to be among the first to experience the game and provide feedback to help shape its development. In this guide, we’ll provide a look at the many features and mechanics Illuvium: Overworld has, as well as much-needed tips and strategies to optimize your runs. 

So, let’s get started!


  • Gameplay basics
  • Resources
  • Advanced Gameplay
  • Collectibles and NFTs

Gameplay basics:

Illuvium: Overworld features several gameplay mechanics that enhance how you traverse the game's vast and fantastical overworld. These movement mechanics include the ability to 

  • Sprint - rigorously cover distances on foot
  • Jump - up to 4 times for increased elevation
  • Jetpack - is the best combination for both distance and height

Overworld starting island

Effectively traversing the Overworlds will be dependent on these three modes of transport at your disposal. You can sprint by pressing your shift key while jump is used with the space key

As you may have noticed in your playthrough, you can chain your jumps. This is very vital for reaching high places. Simply press your jump key multiple times to do this.

Jump Chain mechanic

To successfully use your jetpack, you need to chain sprint and jump. However, be careful as spamming these movement mechanics will lead to fast deterioration of kinetic energy. But considering how vast the maps are, it’s a good idea to use a jetpack as much as possible.

Your energy is the bar located below the screen when you sprint.

Acid kills you almost instantly

But, be careful. They also contain lethal acid that will kill your ranger. Use all the movement abilities at your disposal to avoid this. When you die, you will respawn at the obelisk you spawned in.

Locker Storage

As you explore the overworld, you'll come across consoles that serve as your inventory, where you can see all of the items and resources you've collected.

Locker Storage contains all your items and resources

These items in your locker include everything from equipment and resources to Illuvials and Armaments and you'll need to manage your inventory carefully to ensure you have the right tools for the challenges ahead.

How to capture Illuvials

To start capturing Illuvials, you'll need to head over to the Crimson Waste. The area is available in 5 stages, with each stage rising in difficulty as the number increases.

Overworld Map

Find a bubble-like object that’s floating around the area called Singularities.


You will need to shoot at Singularities to commence your encounters with Illuvials. Take note that missing will result in the singularity disappearing, missing your chance to capture the Illuvial.

You can first scan it by holding the E button to first determine what creature is contained inside. If you want to make sure you want to battle this Illuvial, it’s better to scan first before committing energy.

Once you’re in the encounter, that’s where the auto-battler mode commences. Players can freely position their ranger and Illuvials anywhere in your area. 

However,  it’s important to pay attention to the positioning of your Illuvials and enemies, as the placement of your creatures can have a big impact on the outcome of the battle.


There are many different resources that you'll need to manage and collect as you progress through the game. Throughout your runs, you will encounter rock structures containing valuable resources you can mine.

Mining in Overworld

Players are given two options to interact with the objects. You can either scan(revealing what the resource is) or extract it, making it usable for making items and more.

When you’re first starting out, it's better to extract everything you can so you won’t waste your energy. You will use the scanning mechanic later as you learn which resources are the ones you want.

Important Resources you need:

Resources you can mine in Overworld

Cured Shards: This is a vital resource that is required to capture Illuvials. They are commonly likened to Pokeballs from the Pokemon games. The more you have, the higher the chances of capturing an Illuvial. You can find shards by scavenging in the overworld. 

Gemstones: These resources are used to craft and upgrade a wide range of items, including weapons, armor, consumables, and more. You can find crafting materials by scavenging in the overworld.

Consumables: This resource is used to boost your Ranger and Illuvials. Make sure to stock up on consumables before entering the arena, as they can give you a significant advantage in battle.

By understanding and managing these resources effectively, you'll be well on your way to becoming a true Illuvium master.

Advanced gameplay:

If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, this section is for you. In advanced gameplay, we'll be covering some more advanced strategies and techniques that can help you improve your gameplay and take on tougher challenges.

Stages and Fuel: The game world is divided into stages, ranging from 0 to 3, with each stage increasing in difficulty as you progress. Every day, players are given 5,000 fuel to use, but progress will eventually reset and players will need to purchase more fuel from the market or land. 

Located at the lower-right of the screen

To make the most of your fuel, consider prioritizing your actions and focusing on the most important tasks first.

Place Beacons: Exploring the game world can be time-consuming, but placing beacons allows you to teleport to different locations and save time. Consider placing beacons in key locations as you explore to make it easier to move around the world.

You can place beacons by pressing F

Use Slow Motion: Aiming can be challenging when dealing with small targets like singularities. To make things easier, use the slow-motion feature by jumping and right-clicking to trigger it. This will give you more time to aim and make it easier to hit your target.

Scan: Before engaging with singularities, be sure to scan them first to get a sense of how many and what type of Illuvials you're up against. This will save you time and energy, as you'll be better prepared to deal with the challenges ahead.

Collectibles and NFTs:

In this game, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used to represent the Illuvial creatures and equipment that you can use. For the sake of gameplay and collectability, there are several types of Illuvials.

In this game, Illuvials are divided into five different classes, each with its own unique strengths and uses

  • Bulwarks -  are considered the Tanks in the game. They excel in taking damage in the frontline for their teammates.
  • Fighter -  is a close-ranged fighter that excels in dishing outbursts of damage.
  • Empaths - are support classes capable of healing and applying effects such as stuns.
  • Rogue - are flankers. They can teleport to the backline to give sneaky surprise damage to enemies.
  • Psion - is the ranged damage dealer. Can apply damage from a safe distance. Best used away from the front lines.

They are also separated into different Affinities which are AirNatureFireWater, and Earth. Soon, you will be able to buy, sell, and trade the creatures you capture in the game, earning you Illivials

List of Illuvials

Capturing Illuvials NFT enables you to also use them in the arena as well as use them for profit by selling them at the IlluviDex, the official market exchange of Illuvium.

Illuvium NFTs listed right now on OpenSea


llluvium: Overworld Beta is a thrilling and immersive open-world game that combines the collectability of NFTs with engaging gameplay and strategic decision-making. With its wide range of features and mechanics, there's always something new and exciting to discover in the overworld. 

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the world of NFTs, Illuvium: Overworld Beta offers something for everyone. So gather your Illuvials and gear up for an epic adventure in the fantastic world of Illuvium: Overworld Beta!

To discover more about the exciting features and gameplay of Illuvium, you can visit:

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