How to Play Gods Unchained: A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


4 months ago

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Gods Unchained, a renowned trading card game, has garnered attention since the inception of blockchain gaming. This innovative game enables players to utilize their NFT cards to engage in battles, earning additional cards, card packs, or tokens. Merging traditional TCG features with cutting-edge Web3 mechanics, Gods Unchained presents an immersive fantasy realm teeming with intricate storytelling and mythology.

What is Gods Unchained? 

Gods Unchained is a multiplayer trading card game (TCG) where players engage in battles using their own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) cards. Drawing inspiration from popular titles like Magic: The Gathering (MTG) and Hearthstone, Gods Unchained introduces a unique twist of player ownership and a robust player-driven economy. In this game, players can both play and earn real rewards, and it's completely free for everyone to join.

What sets Gods Unchained apart is its accessibility. Every new player receives a set of base cards, and additional cards can be earned through gameplay, purchased through card packs, or obtained via trading on the secondary market. This model ensures that players have various avenues to expand their card collection and enhance their gaming experience.

Which blockchain does Gods Unchained use?

Gods Unchained utilizes Immutable X, which operates as a Layer-2 solution built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This network facilitates rapid, cost-effective, and seamless transactions of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With features like Immutable Passport and other innovations, users experience minimal disruption, unaware they're engaging with a blockchain-based game.

As a decentralized application (dapp), Gods Unchained leverages blockchain technology to implement various game mechanics. For instance, players can merge cards to create new ones, a process referred to as "Fusing" within the game. On the blockchain, this involves the destruction of two NFTs, followed by the minting of a new one. Additionally, Gods Unchained incorporates the GODS token, serving as a digital currency operating on the blockchain.

What sets Gods Unchained apart in terms of innovation?

Led by Chris Clay, former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena, Gods Unchained delivers a dynamic and competitive gaming experience with a strong emphasis on strategy. The game's development, spanning over three years, has been spearheaded by a skilled team boasting careers at gaming giants like EA Games, Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, and more.

  • True Digital Ownership
    Gods Unchained revolutionizes in-game ownership by transforming items into ERC-721 tokens/NFTs. Players not only gain the right to sell their items for real money but can also use them within Gods Unchained and even integrate them into third-party games and tools, setting it apart from mainstream gaming experiences.
  • Play-to-Earn Dynamics
    Incentivizing competitive play and engagement, Gods Unchained allows players to earn valuable currencies and items, including the ERC-20 $GODS token, simply by playing the game. This play-to-earn model serves as a pivotal element to fuel future growth.
  • Epic Game Economy
    The $GODS token takes center stage in the game's economy, serving various purposes such as purchasing card packs and chests, crafting NFT cards, and earning staking rewards. Integrating $GODS into key aspects of the Gods Unchained experience creates a sustainable ecosystem, offering players economic freedom.
  • Robust Community
    With over $34 million worth of NFTs sold and traded, Gods Unchained has cultivated a dedicated community of enthusiasts. Despite being in beta, the game boasts over 450,000 registered players, showcasing the passion and engagement within its player base.
  • Built for Scale on Ethereum
    Gods Unchained's digital assets reside on Immutable X, Ethereum's first zero-knowledge rollup (zk-rollup) for NFTs. This platform enables gas-free NFT minting and trading at scale with instant trade confirmation, significantly enhancing the user experience. Since migrating to Immutable X in late June 2021, over 650,000 secondary trades of Gods Unchained NFTs have occurred, showcasing the scalability and efficiency of the platform without compromising asset security.

How to Get Started in TOPIA?

To begin your journey with Gods Unchained, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the Gods Unchained on page, and follow the link to the official website.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up for an account on the website. You'll need to provide some basic information to create your account.
  3. Download the Launcher: Once your account is created, locate the option to download the game launcher. Click on it to start the download process.
  4. Install the Launcher: Once the download is complete, run the installer to install the game launcher on your device.
  5. Launch the Game: After installation is complete, launch the game from the launcher.
  6. Connect Your Crypto Wallet (Optional but Recommended): While not mandatory, connecting your crypto wallet to Gods Unchained is highly recommended if you plan to trade cards on the game's marketplace or withdraw $GODS tokens. Follow the instructions provided within the game to connect your wallet securely.
  7. Start Playing: With everything set up, you're now ready to dive into the world of Gods Unchained! Explore the game, build your deck, and engage in epic battles with other players.

If you encounter any difficulties during the process, refer to the official guide provided by Gods Unchained for detailed assistance.

Gods Unchained NFTs

Gods Unchained NFTs encompass a diverse range of digital game assets, classified into two main categories on the Immutable Marketplace:

  • Gods Unchained Cards: These are fundamental game assets representing various characters, abilities, and spells within Gods Unchained. Each player receives a base set of cards, and additional cards or card packs can be acquired through victories in battles, completion of daily quests, and other challenging activities. This allows players to gradually expand their collection with ownable NFT assets, enhancing their gameplay experience.
  • Gods Unchained Cosmetics: These items offer players the opportunity to customize their gaming experience with different card decorations, game boards, or visual upgrades. Cosmetics are available on the secondary marketplace and can often be obtained through special events or tournaments, providing players with unique visual enhancements and personalization options for their gameplay.

Where to buy extra Gods Unchained cards?

To acquire additional Gods Unchained NFT cards beyond the base set, players can explore the Immutable Market. The Immutable Market operates with an open order book system, allowing the purchase of NFTs from any marketplace that supports Immutable X. This flexibility means that players have various options for obtaining extra cards, enhancing their gameplay experience and expanding their collection. Whether through the official Immutable Market or other compatible marketplaces, players can access a wide array of Gods Unchained cards to suit their preferences and strategies.

Gods Unchained Expansions: Continuously Evolving Gameplay

Immutable, the developer behind Gods Unchained, frequently introduces new content to the game, enriching its narrative and introducing fresh mechanics. These significant updates are referred to as "expansions." With each expansion, a new set of cards is released, providing players with the opportunity to acquire them through the purchase of new card packs. However, it's important to note that purchasing additional content is not a requirement to continue enjoying the game.

The introduction of expansions ensures that Gods Unchained remains dynamic and engaging, offering players new challenges, strategies, and content to explore. Whether players choose to invest in new card packs or not, the core gameplay experience remains accessible and enjoyable for all. As a result, Gods Unchained continues to evolve, providing a rich and diverse gaming experience for its community of players.

Tides of Fate

"Tides of Fate" marks the latest expansion in the world of Gods Unchained, boasting a collection of 142 new cards that promise to elevate gameplay to new heights. Launched in October 2023, this expansion has sparked enthusiasm within the Web3 gaming community, offering fresh content and immersive experiences.

Among its highlights, "Tides of Fate" introduces 12 new legendary cards, enriching the game's lore and narrative depth. Players are invited to delve deeper into the world of Gods Unchained through the exploration of two factions: the dragon-riders of Draka and the Atlantean pilots of Sartonians. As the expansion unfolds, the community embarks on an exhilarating journey across distant tides, with regular community events known as skirmishes adding dynamic challenges and rewards.

For players eager to dive into the "Tides of Fate" expansion, packs are available for purchase on the official Gods Unchained website using GODS tokens. With four types of packs on offer, prices range from 15.09 GODS ($2.99) to 1,059.80 GODS ($209.99), providing players with various options to enhance their gameplay experience and collect exclusive cards from the latest expansion.

Tips and Strategies to Play Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is renowned for its high level of tactical depth, where strategic deck-building is crucial for success. In this dynamic environment, every formidable deck can be effectively countered by another, ensuring a balanced and competitive playing field. Consequently, labeling Gods Unchained as pay-to-win would be inaccurate. While smart purchases or fortunate acquisitions may provide players with cards that align well with the current meta, it's essential to recognize that the meta, or prevailing strategies within the game, is constantly evolving.

The ever-changing nature of the meta ensures that there's no definitive path to victory, and success is determined by a combination of skill, strategic decision-making, and adaptability. Therefore, while certain cards may offer advantages in specific scenarios, the game's balance and strategic depth prevent any single factor, such as purchasing power, from guaranteeing consistent victories. In Gods Unchained, success is earned through strategic prowess and adaptability rather than simply through financial investment.

The GODS token serves as the native currency within the Gods Unchained trading card game ecosystem. This token holds significant utility, as it can be utilized to purchase various in-game items, including cards. It's important to note that when players acquire cards using GODS tokens, these cards are truly owned by the player and can be found in their wallet, emphasizing the concept of true ownership within the game.Additionally, GODS tokens possess real-world value and exist on both the Immutable X platform and the Ethereum blockchain. This dual existence ensures liquidity and accessibility for players, allowing them to engage with the token both within the game's universe and in broader cryptocurrency markets. Thus, players can not only enhance their in-game experience using GODS tokens but also potentially participate in broader economic activities outside of the game.

How many cards do you need to play Gods Unchained?

In Gods Unchained, players need a deck consisting of 30 cards to participate in arena matches against opponents. These cards are drawn from six different card domains within the Eucus universe, each representing one of the six main Gods:

  1. Thaeriel: God of Light
  2. Elyrian: God of Magic
  3. Aeona: Goddess of Nature
  4. Malissus: Goddess of Death
  5. Auros: God of War
  6. Ludia: Goddess of Deception

Each domain offers specific sets of cards and powers that can manifest as creatures, spells, or relics. Players can acquire these cards either by purchasing them from the in-game marketplace or by earning them through gameplay for free.

It's important to note that as the game evolves and new expansion packs are introduced, the storytelling and mechanics within Gods Unchained also undergo changes, ensuring a dynamic and evolving gaming experience for players.

How do the cards work?

In Gods Unchained, cards are the primary tools players use to compete against each other. Here's a breakdown of how cards work in the game:

  1. Card Types: There are various types of cards in Gods Unchained, including creatures, spells, and relics. Players begin by selecting a god, which then determines the available card options for building their deck.
  2. Card Attributes:
  • Mana Cost: Located at the top left corner, indicates the amount of Mana required to play the card.
  • Strength: Found at the bottom left corner, represents the amount of damage the card can inflict.
  • Health: Also located at the bottom left corner, indicates the amount of damage the card can withstand. This attribute is exclusive to creature cards.
  • Special Powers or Abilities: Many cards feature text describing unique powers or abilities, such as Frontline, Blitz, Backline, Protected, Confused, and more. These powers provide players with strategic advantages, allowing them to bolster defenses or bypass opponent defenses effectively.

By understanding the attributes and abilities of each card, players can strategically build their decks and make tactical decisions during gameplay to outmaneuver their opponents and achieve victory in the arena.

Who created Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained was created by the game studio Immutable, which also led to the development of Immutable X. Immutable was founded by brothers Robbie Ferguson and James Ferguson, formerly known as Fuel Games. The game's development was guided by game director Chris Clay, a former member of the Magic: The Gathering team. Since its launch in 2019, Gods Unchained has positioned Immutable as a leading player in the blockchain gaming industry, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of gaming technology.

Final Thoughts

Gods Unchained is an exhilarating free-to-play trading card game that offers players a range of incentives, including both non-NFT and NFT collectibles. Alongside earning flux, fragments, and $GODS tokens, players accumulate XP (experience points) as they engage in gameplay, gradually filling an experience bar to advance their rank within the ecosystem. As players level up, they unlock rewards such as new card packs to expand their collections.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to enhance the quality of their cards by fusing two lower-quality cards. Additionally, players can convert their in-game rewards into crypto or fiat currencies by minting cards as NFTs and listing them on marketplaces like Immutable X.

Furthermore, players can utilize the $GODS token beyond the game environment by exchanging it on various exchange platforms for stablecoins (such as USDT, USDC, DAI, etc.), other cryptocurrencies, or even fiat currencies, providing flexibility and versatility in managing their rewards.

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