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8 months ago

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Oath of Peak is a blockchain-based MMORPG where players get to battle creatures, form guilds and friendships, tame spirit beasts, and explore its gorgeous fantasy-themed worlds and locations.

NFT games allow gamers to earn in-game rewards for their hard work at grinding and getting better at the game. Receiving a reward whether through valuable items or cashing out can be a rewarding and satisfying experience.

In Oath of Peak, there are numerous ways users can earn in the game. This guide will show you how to earn in Oath of Peak as well as the various activities to do so.

How Oath of Peak Economy works

Oath of Peak uses a base token called Shells for its many transactionsThese tokens are earned through the usual MMORPG way, from monsters, event rewards, mining, and more.

Oath of Peak Economy Loop

Once you accumulate enough shells, you get to exchange them for gPKTK tokens to cash out your rewards through an exchange. But to do so, you need to know a few rules the development team has placed to ensure a healthy economy.

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To view the change of Shells to gPKTK, press the plus button on the top left beside the currency.

You can see the current exchange rate. At the moment, you can forge 10,527 shells for 1 gPKTK. Take note that the rate is floating, meaning that it reflects the inflation rate of Oath of Peak, helping to stabilize the value of the token.

Furthermore, here are more rules you need to know when minting shells to gPKTK:

  • Players can only forge at least 10 gPKTK at a time
  • Players are required to accumulate 120 hours and reach level 50 before they can mint
  • There will be a daily limit
  • Take note of the Forging Tax Rate besides the cost

The more shells you manage to accumulate, the more rewards you will be able to reap to exchange for real-life rewards. In the next part, let’s talk about the ways you can earn shells in Oath of Peak

Ways to Earn Shells

Complete Events or Quests

Like many traditional RPGs, Oath of Peak assigns quests and events to players. Some quests require you to defeat powerful enemies, while others are as simple as collecting items or solving puzzles.

Other than a great way to accumulate experience, some events or quests offer Shells as a reward for completing the quest. To check events and quests, simply head over to your events tab and check if the shell icon is included in the rewards. If it is, it means you will get a shell once you finish the quest.

Daily Rewards

A great way to get many shells as fast as possible is through daily rewards. If you don’t know, players can get as many as 10,000 shells daily from accumulating daily rewards from quests.

In Oath of Peak, accomplishing quests gives you daily reward points. Your accumulated reward points show up on the lower left side of your screen. Once you’ve managed to collect 100, you will be rewarded daily prizes for finishing the task, giving you 10,000 shells.

Trade on the Market

Oath of Peak features a thriving marketplace where players can buy and sell items using shells as their main currency. If you have items you don't need, consider selling them for a profit. Conversely, if you need a particular item, check the marketplace to see if you can purchase it from another player.

A common method players use is to mine resources and then sell them on the marketplace to other players who want to buy resources for cheaper, and who want to bypass mining them themselves.

Final Thoughts

Earning in-game currency and resources in Oath of Peak can take time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. By completing quests, defeating monsters, selling items, joining a guild, and participating in events, you can earn valuable resources and cryptocurrency that will help you become a powerful player in the game.

Be sure to check out our how-to cash-out guide if you’ve managed to reap many tokens from this guide!

If not, you can learn more about Oath of Peak by reading our guide.

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