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Share : Hub: THE ULTIMATE TREASURE is hosting the Race for Glory (RFG)  Award searching for new alpha projects of web3 gaming.

RFG aims to recognize outstanding games in the market, embracing them with appreciation & support.

The RFG Awards will be bestowed upon games that demonstrate high potential & dynamism in the market.

RFG is honorably evaluated by leading blockchains; assessed by reputable judges in the field; and most importantly, voted by all audiences of the show.

RFG will be hosted on GameFi, where everybody can come to explore the world of games, find in-depth facts & secrets from the games themselves, and freely show love, hate, or constructive criticism to the ones they choose.

Before RFG, the team introduced Path of Wisdom (POW) - a quiz-solving event. It ended on March 6 with over 30,000 participants joining and $15,000 rewards distributed. Hub was taking the role of the ultimate source of all key information along this journey. is welcoming all gamers and Web3 enthusiasts to study, play, vote and get rewarded by the team & their beloved partners. So let’s get to know Hub then?


The recent growth of Web3 on blockchain technology brings many opportunities and challenges for early adopters of this industry. Game & metaverse became one of the most active in this field with a diversity of products released each year.

On the other hand, this development causes a huge side-effect: Quality over quantity.

Years into the industry, the team soon realizes the struggle of Web3 audiences: overflowing, unverified & unnecessary information blocking their way to understand this market. Users want a reliable source of updates & analytics, a connector, a guide assisting them on the way to learn, adapt, and spread knowledge. Like web2 with Steam, web3 users need a place to explore the gaming world within.

However, obviously, they have different interests & demands. Users feedback enlightened on 02 key unsatisfied points:

Spot new alpha: People want an overview of web3 gaming landscape: trends & controversy, rising & loss, so they have a solid base to pick out the best ones.

In-depth research: People need a tool to dig into games, not just numbers but analysis & useful outcome: origin of growth, social health, comparisons, etc

Took us a while to understand this and rebuild.

After 06 months of overhauling, GameFi team've studied & indexed thousands of games, getting to life, armed and ready than ever. Web3 enthusiasts have the chance to not only experience this new technology in browsing gameplay, but also secure an income from potential token or NFT investment.

That is the original plot for the birth of - Hub of Games.

Solving the same issue, is a Web3 gaming platform that provides a unique gaming experience for users. With a focus on blockchain technology and NFTs, offers a range of games and opportunities for users to earn tokens and unique digital assets. The platform is committed to providing a fair and transparent gaming environment, where users can play with confidence and security. As a supporter of the Web3 community, aims to be at the forefront of the gaming industry's digital transformation, delivering innovative solutions and an enhanced user experience. 

Visit here is the ultimate hub to discover the future of gaming covers 99% games & metaverses profiles in the Web3 market at the moment. Users can explore more than just google-able knowledge, following 03 key values:

An Ultrasonic Radar: All freshly updated and free to access, love, hate, or constructively criticize.

The Biggest Data Warehouse: Tracking worldwide on-off-chain data, top growth top loss, hot token & NFT billboard to pick the best choice for you in real-time.

In we trust!: Stay transparent & verified, practical & useful, adaptive & pro-gaming.

The great user demands motivated us to level up to top experience with 06 renovative homepage sections: What’s Coming?

  • Blockchain’s Choice: List of games hand-picked by each leading blockchain: BNB Chain, Avalanche, OKC, Telos.
  • Best User Growth: List of games with the highest number of active accounts in game activities recently.
  • Most Active Community: List of games with the most active communities recently.
  • NFT Bestsellers: List of games with the highest number & highest change of NFT transactions recently.
  • Games For You: List of games selected for you based on your interactions on
  • Game Data Warehouse: Discover all games available on Hub.

What’s Coming?

In short, AI & SocialFi on the way to be activated:

GameGPT: The side-kick 24/7 to support your web3 journey, is in private testing at the moment.

SocialFi: God knows what you can earn from this function as a web3 content creator in the future.

For more information about and our blooming events, stay tuned on the channels below!

About is a one-stop destination for web3 gaming. We aim to build digital communities and manage virtual economies for mainstream adoption. offers a suite of solutions covering the entire games and gamified projects' lifecycle, following a vision of one digital platform, and one virtual identity requiring zero blockchain knowledge. 


We at ChainPlay are thrilled to have sponsored this article on the exciting world of Web3 gaming and NFT investments. We believe that has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a reliable source of information and a platform for users to explore the latest gaming technology. As a supporter of the Web3 community, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the user experience.

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