An Attractive Income via “Chain Of Legends” - PvP, PvE, Mining… All at once!


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There was a time when people used to think about games as a financial liability but modern-day games have changed the narrative. There have been games before blockchain, but they did not provide transparency and full ownership of the assets in the game. While traditional games lacked transparency and ownership of in-game assets, the rise of GameFi (Gaming + DeFi) has revolutionized the industry and gained much popularity in recent years.

Within GameFi, three major categories have emerged: Play-To-Earn (P2E), Free-To-Play (F2P), and Play-To-Win (P2W). Each category presents its own set of benefits and risks. But what if I told you there was a game that combined it all? Where you can play for free and earn, choose to go the PvE / PvP route, whatever suits you!

Introducing “Chain Of Legends”
The groundbreaking browser-based game seamlessly blends all three variants of gameplay. The fundamentals are very easy to understand, and the website is extremely user-friendly. Both beginners and advanced gamers will find an opportunity to have fun and earn here.

At the heart of “Chain Of Legends” lies the $CLEG token, operating on the BEP20 blockchain - that fuels the game's economy.

You start off with a CLEG mine which is used to mine the tokens from lands. These lands come in five distinct types: Desert, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. While Desert land is free to buy, the other four lands require a certain amount of $CLEG to buy, depending on market conditions. The land's price dynamically adjusts based on the economy, presenting players with strategic choices. Some days, mining Common land is profitable, while on other occasions, Rare land could yield greater rewards.

In addition to the lands, players can also engage in the trade of Stone and Iron resources, which can be bought and sold in CLEG on the Marketplace. Accumulating these resources allows players to construct Barracks and train their troops. Once an army is ready, players can send their troops into battle against formidable monsters, earning CLEG tokens and leveling up their forces. As you move forward, you can test complex army formations in order to figure out the most effective strategies.

Why “Chain Of Legends”?! 

The problem with most of the P2E games is that the early investors start accumulating too much and hence generate an extensive amount of sell pressure that can wreck the game's economy, particularly during bear markets. 

To counter this, “Chain Of Legends” introduces Mining Cycles, wherein CLEG rewards decrease after each cycle. For instance, a “Legendary land” in the early cycles of the game may yield around 14,000 tokens, while a “Legendary land” in the seventh cycle may provide approximately 10,000 tokens. This design makes holding the game NFTs extremely profitable. This contributes to making a deflationary system for the token by combining it with an aggressive token burn; wherein 70% of all tokens spent by players in the Marketplace are burned, while the remaining 30% is allocated to the reward pool.

Moreover, the game's engagement and popularity are increased through several strategic initiatives:

1) Referral Program: Players can generate income based on a specific percentage of the revenue from their referrals.

2) Marketing Campaigns: Chain of Legends conducts enticing airdrops of free tokens and NFTs to attract and reward the community.

3) Daily Quests: An upcoming feature that promises additional rewards and engagement opportunities.

Even amid bear markets, the “Chain Of Legends” project remains dedicated to continuous development. New features, enhanced graphics, better UI, collaborations, and significant partnerships have taken place. High importance and respect are given to the community which has proven itself by providing valuable and genuine feedback. Major changes are decided by the votes conducted in-game in a transparent and fair manner.

Chain Of Legends offers multiple revenue generation avenues, with the Barracks currently standing as the fastest way to achieve a return on investment (ROI). Remarkably, at current prices, the ROI is estimated to be approximately three months only! On top of that, it might be the ideal point of joining as the biggest and most anticipated update is about to release in less than a month!!

Treasure Islands!

That is... Treasure Islands! Although the whitepaper has mentioned the basics, the final mechanics are yet to be revealed! It will be a PvP game mode, so get in and level up your army so that you are ready to FIGHT!

We have consistently rewarded our dedicated diamond-handed holders in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future. Our vision extends far beyond short-term gains, as we strive to withstand the test of time. Join us on this remarkable journey toward gaming and financial success. Let us embark on an exciting adventure of creating an innovative game together!

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Author: Arsh Behal (Supervised by Chain Of Legends)
Twitter handle : @Sensei_Arsh

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