About this Launchpad

Solanium is launching on 2 blockchain. The most prominent blockchain running on this launchpad is null, Solana.

Solanium is the go-to platform for the Solana blockchain. Invest in the hottest Solana projects, stake your tokens, trade on our DEX, manage your Solana wallet and participate in our (future) governance.

Some of the most prominent projects launched via Solanium include Moonfrost, Eizper Chain, Dragon War. A full list of projects and their performance is listed below.

Past IDOs

$0.000086$0.012-$142,0000.01x2.54xIDOMar 23
$0.0016$0.03-$600,0000.05x20.02xIDOFeb 27
$0.0002$0.03-$200,0000.01x6.65xIDODec 29
$0.0034$0.075$244,316$300,0000.05x3.1xIDODec 15
$0.0037$0.025$1$150,0000.15x76.4xIDONov 09
$0.0091$0.028$2,495,989$140,0000.33x224.64xIDOOct 22
$0.00061$0.005$4,322,074$100,0000.12x84.26xIDOOct 17