Roseon Finance


About this Launchpad

Roseon Finance is launching on 4 blockchain. The most prominent blockchain running on this launchpad is Ethereum, null, Solana.

Roseon Finance is a one-stop shop to meet all the needs of the average crypto investor and positions itself to introduce more individuals to the world of cryptocurrency through its simple user interface, elegant mobile design and ease of access to multiple DeFi utilities. Roseon can be described as an all-in-one crypto management application, with an in-built cross-chain wallet, its own launchpad (RoseonPad), a multitude of farming protocols, and additionally provides marketing support for affiliated brands. RoseonPad is the latest addition to Roseon’s arsenal. It is an inn-app launchpad facilitating the IAO (Initial App Offering) for users, allowing them to participate in carefully selected, high-quality project tokens and NFTs, either privately or publicly. Thematically, these projects will either be within the booming GameFi (NFT gaming, DeFi) or metaverse markets.

Some of the most prominent projects launched via Roseon Finance include CanaBoyz, Nomadland, Sugar Kingdom. A full list of projects and their performance is listed below.

Past IDOs

$0.0014$0.12$147,756$100,0000.01x4.34xIDOMar 18
$0.33$0.1$13,013,035$200,0003.29x55.8xIDOMar 16
$0.016$0.02$630,334$100,0000.79x20.5xIDOMar 14
$0.0011$0.2-$750,0000.01x1xIDOFeb 24
$0.0000039$0.00021-$20,0000.02x2.22xIDODec 23
$0.00099$0.12$38,942$56,2500.01x1.51xIDODec 23
$0.0000081$0.0015-$150,0000.01x2.14xIDODec 22
$0.00019$0.01-$50,0000.02x0.9xIDODec 14
$0.00041$0.05-$100,0000.01x2.29xIDODec 02
$0.0012$0.03$275,495$75,0000.04x3.6xIDODec 01