About this Launchpad

MoonStarter is launching on 5 blockchain. The most prominent blockchain running on this launchpad is Ethereum, null, Solana.

MoonStarter Mission is to be the single-stop multi-chain launchpad for selected projects without distinction of the blockchain used. While the current project landscape is scattered and dependent on the blockchain used, MoonStarter will offer the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains. In an ideal world, blockchain should be trustful, but MoonStarter will have a due diligence process on every selected project as it is not always the case. It will communicate with transparency to the potential participants. Participants will need to stake a pre-defined amount of MoonStarter tokens (MNST) to access the IDOs held on the App. MoonStarter will not limit itself to a launchpad and, to a second extent, will develop an ecosystem offering support options to projects such as incubation, or Marketing.

Some of the most prominent projects launched via MoonStarter include MOVN, Outlanders, Outlanders. A full list of projects and their performance is listed below.

Past IDOs

$0.00068$0.03$238,193$75,0000.02x1.09xIDOFeb 21
$0.00015$0.018-$100,0000.01x1.9xIDOFeb 18
$0.0002$0.002$3,427,807$70,0000.1x8.69xIDOJan 21
$0.00067$0.036$208,933$100,0000.02x3.78xIDODec 29
$0.00008$0.006-$100,0000.01x0.57xIDODec 28
$0.00097$0.1-$200,0000.01x2.39xIDODec 28
$0.0000039$0.00021-$100,0000.02x2.22xIDODec 24
$0.0000081$0.0015-$150,0000.01x2.14xIDODec 23
$0.00019$0.01-$65,0000.02x0.9xIDODec 15
$0.00081$0.095-$100,0000.01x0.85xIDODec 14
$0.0032$0.06-$75,0000.05x4.84xIDODec 13
$0.00014$0.012$54,634$70,0000.01x29.06xIDOOct 28
$0.98$0.18$63,521,147$70,0005.43x37.24xIDOSep 30
$0.012$0.2$440,498$80,0000.06x24.35xIDOSep 16