Infinite Launch


About this Launchpad

Infinite Launch is launching on 2 blockchain. The most prominent blockchain running on this launchpad is null, Polygon.

Infinite Launch has the mission of creating a decentralized and convenient platform for amazing crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve... To deliver the most advanced and innovative launchpad for the community, Infinite Launch team has conducted countless researches and prototypes and finally decided to go first with Binance Smart Chain to ensure the scalability, consensus, and cross-chain compatibility.

Some of the most prominent projects launched via Infinite Launch include PlayZap, Galaxy Blitz, Karmaverse. A full list of projects and their performance is listed below.

Past IDOs

$0.01$1$83,491$100,0000.01x3.7xIDOMar 20
$0.01$0.5-$150,0000.02x1.52xIDOMar 07
$0.0012$0.03-$160,0000.04x2.67xIDOJan 04