About this Launchpad

Avalaunch is launching on 2 blockchain. The most prominent blockchain running on this launchpad is null, Avalanche.

Avalaunch is the first protocol, exclusively for the Avalanche ecosystem, to offer promising and innovative projects a fast, secure, and efficient platform for decentralized fundraising.

Some of the most prominent projects launched via Avalaunch include Snake City, Snail Trail, MetaDerby. A full list of projects and their performance is listed below.

Past IDOs

$0.017$0.01$2,948,101$1,500,0001.73x36.4xIDOMar 15
$0.029$0.35$1,430,396$1,000,0000.08x9.43xIDOJan 18
$0.0031$0.28$21,805$900,0000.01x59.29xIDONov 23
$0.00059$0.018$208,717$400,0000.03x164.44xIDONov 09
$0.0019$0.011-$379,3190.17x8.59xIDOSep 05