Best NFT Games From Axie Infinity Builders Program 2022

The Axie Infinity Builders Program is a program where developers can make games that take place in the Axie metaverse while leveraging the same Axie NFTs. The program provides exclusive support, promotion, and the resources needed for developers to build gaming experiences on top of Axie.

Building a strong community is something that any NFT game project will want to aim for. There will not be an exception that a project can be successful without the people who built an ecosystem in which they work, create, and have fun together.

For a case like Axie Infinity, one among the OGs, once it has established itself as the market leader, the question of how to resist being replaced arises. There are countless approaches to solving the question, but Sky Mavis has demonstrated exceptional talent and wisdom in this stage, which is to capitalize on new creative breezes in its own dynamic community. That's why the Axie Infinity Builders Program was founded, as a northern star pointing the way, it is expected to be the fundamental driver for the crypto gaming project to open a new chapter, enhance its position, and scope over time.

Launched since the beginning of 2022, the Builders Program is to invite indie game makers and its community equipped with the exclusive support & well-developed SDK to participate in expanding the blockchain game's ecosystem alongside the Axie Infinity proprietary platform.

Axie Infinity will encourage selected projects by sponsoring at least $10,000 USD in the form of AXS tokens for their development process. In essence, this is a form of franchising. To join the programs, participants must complete the Registration at the Sites, complete the Application Form and provide all required documentation at their own cost and expense. Participation in the Program is free.

The Builders Program is the first step in a new world where the community can make significant and meaningful contributions directly toward games, in other words, user generated content. For the first batch of applications, 2000 applications were received, out of which the Sky Mavis team accepted twelve projects into the Builders Program below: