How to Play Yuliverse: A Beginner’s Guide to the Alternate Reality RPG


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In a world where social media dominates our lives, it’s no surprise that people are looking for new ways to connect with others. Enter Yuliverse, the game-based social application that’s taking the world by storm.

Yuliverse is not your typical role-playing game. It’s a parallel reality gaming metaverse that offers an immersive social play experience, with elements borrowed from popular games such as Pokemon Go and Tinder. The game takes place in a different reality, offering players the opportunity to connect and socialize with individuals who share their interests in the same city, all while engaging in a thrilling adventure.

Have you ever imagined living a parallel life in a virtual world where you can explore, socialize and earn? Well, it is not just a dream anymore as Yuliverse, the first parallel reality gaming metaverse on BSC chain, is here to make it possible. Players will meet other players while playing Yuliverse and connect with like-minded people in the same city. Yuliverse offers an engaging storyline and an interactive social environment, which makes it a unique experience for gamers and people looking for social interaction.


Yuliverse offers an engaging gameplay experience with two modes — solo play and social play. In both modes, players must navigate to designated points on a GPS-based map, similar to Pokemon Go, to purify the Terra. This process grants valuable resources and boosts the character level of the Yuli, resulting in improved mining efficiency. This immersive gameplay ensures players are always challenged while also enhancing their social interaction and gaming skills.

In addition to its gameplay features, Yuliverse offers players an immersive experience through its rich storyline and world-building elements. As the carrier of the world’s memories, the Terra is home to a plethora of characters and stories waiting to be discovered. By purifying the Terra, players can unlock these memories and piece together puzzles to obtain valuable treasures. Completing task challenges in dungeons or festivals can also earn players high-value rewards, further increasing the progression of their accounts.

In social play, players have the option to collaborate with others to tackle dungeon challenges or engage in treasure hunts as a team. Utilizing an LBS-based (Location Based Service) matching mechanism and matching alerts, along with team play in dungeon mode, it becomes simpler for players to connect with like-minded individuals in reality, thus creating a bond between the real world and the Yuliverse. When players purify the Terrae in their city, they can leave their marks throughout the area. These marks can be found by other players during their own purification process, allowing them to initiate communication requests. This mechanism is advantageous for fellow players in the same city to locate each other, as well as for players to find other soldiers for team play treasure hunts or dungeon mode.

Game Characters

Mystery boxes are used to mint Yuli heroes, which come in 5 different elemental types: wind, rock, ice, fire, and thunder. Each element possesses a distinct appearance, and players can gather them to complete their collection.

Play-to-earn Mechanics & Digital Currency

One of the unique features of Yuliverse is its play-to-earn mechanism. As a Yuli NFT holder, players can not only enjoy their unique NFTs but also earn profits by acquiring $ARG and $ART. These digital currencies are the main currency of the game and can be used to upgrade characters, purchase items, and more.

Once the purification results are established, Yuli heroes of varying rarities will receive different basic incomes in $ART and $ARG. However, the purification process will also consume Yuli’s sanity, and the amount of sanity consumed will vary based on the rarity of the Yuli hero.

In the Yuliverse, $ARG and $ART are the primary digital currencies. $ARG is the Alternate Reality Gem, which is earned by purifying Terra and serves as proof of a player’s activity. It is also the main currency used within the game. On the other hand, $ART is the Alternate Reality Token and is utilized for high-level character upgrades and enhancement.

In the future, social rewards will also be given out in $ART for social activities such as chatting, socializing, completing tasks together, and participating in multiple dungeons. However, in order to maintain a healthy community atmosphere, a certain punishment mechanism will be in place to deter any malicious social behavior and ensure the long-term operation of the social system.

How to Start Playing Yuliverse

Players can begin by downloading the app from the App Store, Google Play Store, or the Yuliverse website and signing up with their email address. Before beginning the game, players will also need to create a wallet. The app will generate a 12-word secret phrase that can be used to recover the wallet if the player uninstalls the app or forgets their password. Tokens can be transferred to the wallet to purchase Yulis in the in-game marketplace or to open mystery boxes, if they have any. After acquiring a Yuli, players can embark on their adventure in Yuliverse and enjoy the game.

To provide players with a smooth start, Yuliverse offers free characters that enable them to experience the basic city hunt, partake in the Yuli Fete with its side games, and engage in social play. However, once players become Yuli NFT holders, they can access unique NFTs and earn profits by acquiring $ARG and $ART from the game. As a Yuli NFT holder, players can also unlock special gameplay modes and social privileges that are exclusive to them.

Final Thoughts

Yuliverse represents a new norm of socializing, one that’s built around shared experiences and interests rather than likes and followers. It is an immersive alternate reality game where players can enjoy a unique adventure while connecting with people who share similar interests.

As the first parallel reality gaming metaverse on the BSC chain, Yuliverse is a promising addition to the growing metaverse industry. With its immersive gameplay, play-to-earn mechanism, and social elements, Yuliverse is a game-changer for the gaming and social media industries.

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