How to Play Star Atlas : A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


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What is Star Atlas? 

Star Atlas stands as a cutting-edge play-to-earn MMORPG rooted in the Solana blockchain. Transporting players to the year 2620, it harnesses the power of Unreal Engine 5 for its creation. The inaugural PC gameplay module is slated for release in 2022.

This immersive gaming experience unfolds within a fantasy realm, fashioned as a metaverse-style virtual universe. Adventurous spacefarers engage in cooperative endeavors, embark on quests, stake claims to territories, and even establish their own societies. While the game's developers have offered a preliminary glimpse into its features, the community eagerly anticipates further details.

Star Atlas defines itself as "a grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political dominance, and existence amidst the cosmos." It's a pioneering entry in the realm of blockchain platforms that seamlessly merge gaming with the metaverse. Furthermore, they aspire to evolve into a self-governed online community, governed by its decentralized autonomous organization.

Heading the helm of ATMTA Inc., the development studio steering Star Atlas, is CEO Michael Wagner. The quartet of co-founders includes Danny Floyd, Jacob Floyd, and Pablo Quiroga.

Although gameplay footage remains scarce, the recent 426Live event saw the team unveil an alpha version for eager fans.

Star Atlas holds the prestigious Triple-A title, signifying a caliber akin to that of console games. Players initially acquire and hold in-game NFTs to enter this dynamic universe. Notably, these assets become their property, available for sale at their discretion.

The Star Atlas team is diligently crafting "an open, freely accessible world" designed to be enjoyed by all users, devoid of any associated costs.

How to Get Started in Star Atlas?

To embark on your Star Atlas gaming journey, your first destination is the Star Atlas website. Once there, the initial step involves linking your Solana wallet to the game. To acquire NFTs for pre-game preparations, you'll require either USDC or the in-game currency, ATLAS. Additionally, SOL is essential to cover transaction gas fees.

Upon selecting your faction, procuring a spacecraft, and securing essential resources like fuel and provisions, your adventure can commence.The game's narrative orbits around the conflict between three distinct factions: Humans (MUD), Androids (Ustur), and Aliens (ONI). The overarching objective revolves around establishing supremacy for your chosen faction, whether by controlling planetary resources or wielding political influence.

Mining and trading constitute pivotal aspects of Star Atlas. Delving into the depths of planets to extract valuable minerals and ores can be a highly profitable pursuit. Yet, to successfully sell your products, you must ensure the safety of your trade routes. Hence, aligning with a robust faction that commands space becomes pivotal for in-game prosperity.

However, it's worth noting that the Star Atlas team has divulged limited specifics regarding the game's intricate mechanics. Thus, guidance on gameplay and earning within Star Atlas remains relatively scarce at this juncture.

As the game's launch date approaches and players commence their journeys, we can anticipate more comprehensive insights into the actual workings of Star Atlas.

Notably, players can engage in a minigame named SCORE, where deploying their fleet translates into earning APR (Annual Percentage Rate). In essence, this entails staking your NFTs to reap rewarding returns.

Star Atlas Gameplay

Once you've successfully acquired Solana and integrated it into your Phantom wallet, you're primed to embark on your Star Atlas adventure. Below, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on acquiring Solana and connecting your Phantom wallet to the game.Getting Started:

  1. Acquiring Solana: To kickstart your journey, you'll need Solana, which can be obtained through various means. We'll delve into this process in detail and ensure you're equipped to dive into the Star Atlas universe.
  2. Linking Your Wallet: The next step involves connecting your Phantom wallet to the Star Atlas platform. This connection will enable seamless transactions within the game.

Launching into Star Atlas:

  1. Beginning Your Journey: Navigate to the website, the starting point for your Star Atlas experience. With your wallet successfully linked and funds at your disposal, your first task is selecting one of the three previously mentioned factions.
  2. Exploring the Marketplace: Once you've chosen your faction, you gain access to the in-game Marketplace. Here, you can browse and purchase essential NFTs vital for gameplay. The initial tab that greets you is the "Ships" section, as these vessels are indispensable for engaging in battles. Ships are categorized by rarity, with rarer NFTs commanding higher prices. Detailed information about each ship, crew requirements, and more is readily available.
  3. Diving into SCORE: Star Atlas has recently unveiled the SCORE mini-game, the game's first tier of gameplay. With ship NFTs in your inventory, you can assemble a fleet within the "Faction Fleet" section. In SCORE, fleets are provisioned with resources, and successful exploration of the galaxy yields ATLAS tokens. Resources, including food, fuel, ammo, and toolkits (for ship health), are consumed at varying rates. Maintaining a well-stocked supply of these resources is vital for continued ATLAS earnings.
  4. Resource Management: Should you require additional resources, the Marketplace's "Resources" tab is your destination, where you can purchase them using your ATLAS currency.

Upcoming Developments:

While this constitutes the current state of gameplay, Star Atlas has ambitious plans for future expansions. Anticipate further segments of SCORE and the debut of CREAM, another facet of gameplay, as the universe continues to evolve.

As Star Atlas progresses, it aims to burgeon into a vast online game replete with depth and core features to explore. There exists a distinct advantage for early players, so now is an opportune time to embark on your Star Atlas odyssey. Before diving into gameplay instructions, let's delve deeper into the in-game tokens to ensure you're well-informed.

Star Atlas NFTs

Star Atlas features a selection of NFTs, each with its unique purpose:

  1. Ships: These NFTs come in varying degrees of rarity, possess distinct traits, and hold different values. They are essential for players, enabling them to participate in the game and navigate the cosmos.
  2. Collectibles: This category encompasses a diverse array of items such as skins, posters, charms, crew gear, and pets. Beyond their collectible nature, they often serve practical functions within the game.
  3. Structures: In-game structures, including space stations, power plants, and mining drills, are NFTs with economic utility. They enable players to generate income, but it's vital to protect them from potential adversaries.
  4. Badges: These NFTs confer in-game advantages and access rights to players.

As for the native tokens within the Star Atlas ecosystem, there are two key players:

  1. ATLAS: Serving as the primary in-game currency, ATLAS is indispensable for purchasing items and assets in the marketplace. Players need it to engage in various transactions, and it plays a pivotal role in the game's economy.
  2. POLIS: As the game's governance token, POLIS empowers players with the ability to participate in decision-making processes that impact the community's direction. Holders of POLIS tokens can exercise their voting rights to influence strategic choices. Both ATLAS and POLIS tokens can be acquired from decentralized exchanges, and ATLAS can also be earned through gameplay.

Tips and Strategies to Play Star Atlas?

By accumulating ATLAS tokens within the game, you're essentially accruing real-world value, as ATLAS is tethered to the Star Atlas cryptocurrency. Currently, the sole means of acquiring ATLAS is by enlisting your fleet of ships.

Ensuring your ships remain well-provisioned is paramount. Should your ship deplete its resources before replenishment, your enlistment gets revoked, temporarily suspending your earnings until you resupply and re-enlist.

The amount of ATLAS you accumulate hinges on the type of ship you've enlisted. More costly and rare ships yield a higher ATLAS return during galactic exploration. However, this gain must be balanced against the expense of procuring resources.

On average, each resource available in the Marketplace costs around 0.0014 ATLAS. Presently, the most budget-friendly spacecraft in Star Atlas is the Opal Jet, with daily maintenance costs of roughly 0.125 ATLAS. The Opal Jet generates approximately 0.95 ATLAS daily, ultimately leaving you with an estimated profit of 0.85 ATLAS per day after covering maintenance expenses.

At any juncture, you retain the option to exchange your ATLAS currency back into your Phantom wallet. Furthermore, you can list your ships from your inventory on the Marketplace for potential buyers using their ATLAS. It's essential to note that these ships are classified as NFTs, and their availability is finite. This facet is where the hope lies for the appreciation in value of each Star Atlas crypto NFT.

Final Thought

Star Atlas delivers an ever-evolving gaming adventure, seamlessly fusing blockchain technology with immersive gameplay. As you set forth on your odyssey, may the worth of your Star Atlas NFTs ascend, paving the way for triumphant cosmic conquests.

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