How to Phantom Galaxies: A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


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Hundreds of thousands of individuals have participated in the Alpha playtests of Phantom Galaxies. Judging by current indications, the game appears to be nearly ready for full release. However, DappRadar's data currently does not reflect the entirety of these users, as Phantom Galaxies processes their data off-chain.

We have an article that elaborates on why our rankings may not display all user numbers. In essence, our tracking primarily relies on on-chain data, and certain decentralized applications, including Phantom Galaxies, handle significant activity off-chain before transferring their data to the blockchain.

What is Phantom Galaxies? 

Phantom Galaxies, a collaborative effort between Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands, made its debut in 2021. While its full release is still pending, a select group of users has been enjoying playtests. The game operates on the Polygon network and draws inspiration from space warfare and mecha battles for its storylines.

At the heart of the narrative is a fragile truce between two historically antagonistic factions: the Union and the Commonwealth. Together, they've united against lawless pirate guilds and a formidable new adversary known as the Sha'Kari.

Players assume control of Starfighter Mechas capable of transforming between rocket ships and humanoid robot machines, akin to the concept of Transformers. Within the game, they embark on missions, fulfill quests, engage in raids, and participate in community-building activities.

History of Phantom Galaxies

The open-world mech combat game, Phantom Galaxies, is currently available in a public Alpha phase. Anticipation is building for the early access debut of the beta version, expected in Q3 2022. Presently, three out of four episodes in the Alpha version are accessible, with the fourth set to accompany the beta release.

Developed by Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands, Phantom Galaxies utilizes decentralized technology and blockchain assets to deliver an exhilarating science fiction experience. Players can expect epic mech and Starfighter battles alongside exploration in this action-packed space shooter.

Despite some controversy surrounding the title, notably being the largest ever announced on the blockchain, including concerns related to bots, server vulnerabilities, and the presence of spam or spoof websites, the project continues to gain momentum. It is heralded as a pioneering venture that could shape the future of the gaming industry.

How to Get Started in Phantom Galaxies?

Starting your adventure in Phantom Galaxies for the early access version, set to launch on November 15, 2023, no longer necessitates a Web3 wallet. The game will be accessible on Steam, Epic Games Store, and the official website, transitioning to a free-to-play model. This change aims to expand the player base and provide a wider audience access to the universe of mecha battles, alliances, and exhilarating quests and raids offered by the game.

Although owning a Web3 wallet and investing in in-game NFTs can enhance your gaming experience in Phantom Galaxies, it's not a requirement for participation. Players can pilot their Starfighter Mecha, engage in fast-paced combat against various adversaries, and fully immerse themselves in this play-to-earn space adventure without any initial investment.

For those who possess an Origin Series NFT (such as a Poster, Redeemed Poster, or Medal), access to the four episodes of the Phantom Galaxies Alpha test remains available, offering additional content and opportunities. For further information and guidance, please consult the Useful Links section provided at the conclusion of the article. Don't miss out on the chance to explore this expansive universe and the unique gaming experience that Phantom Galaxies has to offer.

How does Phantom Galaxies work?

Even in its Alpha phase, Phantom Galaxies has demonstrated itself as a top-tier, shared-world space game featuring a third-person action RPG design. It boasts exceptional mechanics that cater to the expectations of traditional gamers while leveraging the numerous advantages offered by blockchain games.

In the game, players assume the role of a pilot who can pilot a highly customizable mech suit with various stats. Currently, there are four mech suit classes available to players: Lancer, Buster, Breacher, and Assault.

The Lancer suit embodies a sleek and agile design, ideal for stealth-based gameplay akin to an "assassin" archetype. The Buster, on the other hand, is equipped with an array of powerful weapons tailored for aggressive "gunner" gameplay.

Tanky Breachers specialize in close-quarters combat with melee weapons, while the Assault class focuses on high damage output for conventional commando operations.

Players have frequent opportunities to upgrade their equipment and acquire in-game rewards. Moreover, a trade station facilitates player-to-player exchanges of goods.

As a blockchain game, Phantom Galaxies places a strong emphasis on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), granting users the ability to purchase and earn in-game assets such as spacecraft, avatars, mechs, and other items.

Players engage in various tasks including puzzle-solving, resource gathering for crafting, managing markets, and establishing corporations. NFTs, which are digital assets with ownership permanently recorded on the blockchain, play a pivotal role in the game by being linked to in-game items and characters.

Phantom Galaxies NFTs

In Phantom Galaxies, the player's key asset for both combat and exploration is their mechanized Starfighter, with each Starfighter being represented by a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT). These NFTs contain detailed information about the visual appearance and functional characteristics of the Starfighter.

During the lifecycle of a Starfighter, players must fuse various tokens together. While some NFTs will be consumed during the fusion process, others will not, yet they still play a crucial role in determining the specific outcome of the fusion process.

Tips and Strategies to Phantom Galaxies?

Players have the opportunity to earn real-world money in Phantom Galaxies through various means. One way is by progressing through the storyline and completing missions, which allows them to gather resources that can be sold to other players through the in-game market. Additionally, players can compete for control over different bases and resource locations within the game.

Players who successfully retain control over these areas can earn rewards by staking governance tokens to their holdings. This means that as long as they maintain power over these locations, they are eligible to receive rewards.

Furthermore, there will be the introduction of the Phantom Galaxies Governance token, or PGToken, which serves as a passive income source for planet owners. Planet owners will benefit from an emissions multiplier, incentivizing their active participation in the game. This multiplier increases the number of tokens earned, and owners can enhance it further by improving their planet, attracting players to visit, and remaining active within the game.

It's worth noting that since the game is still in the Alpha stage, the exact amount of money players can earn is subject to change and may vary over time.

What makes Phantom Galaxies innovative?

Phantom Galaxies stands out due to its emphasis on the concept of true ownership, setting it apart from traditional games. It represents a new generation of gaming platforms that empower users to buy, possess, and sell in-game items, introducing a level of ownership unprecedented in conventional gaming. This innovative approach not only transforms the player experience but also opens the door to novel models of gameplay and player interactions within the Phantom Galaxies universe.


Phantom Galaxies distinguishes itself by being built on the Polygon network, ensuring that every action taken within the game is securely recorded and saved. This extends to all in-game items, including weapons, vehicles, coins, and clothing, which are unequivocally owned by the players.

However, ownership in Phantom Galaxies transcends mere possession of in-game items. Holding the in-game token ASTRAFER grants players the ability to participate in decision-making processes that govern the entire game. This includes voting on proposals concerning funding allocation, marketing strategies, and even storyline development, placing significant aspects of game management directly in the hands of the players.


Guilds play a pivotal role in Phantom Galaxies, reflecting the emphasis on community-building in modern gaming. Together, guild members can collectively own items and planets, collaborating as a team to assert dominance over their sector of the game universe. With a thriving community of over 125,000 active players participating in the Alpha versions of Phantom Galaxies, players have ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and form alliances to play, win, and earn rewards together.


The introduction of planets further enhances the concept of ownership within Phantom Galaxies. In a limited sale in May, 10,200 planets were made available for purchase, and they quickly sold out. Planets serve as the foundation for players to establish their bases and form guilds, while also emitting the in-game token ASTRAFER. These planets are permanently coded onto the Polygon network, ensuring that once purchased, players have full ownership rights. This allows players to develop, rent out, sell, or retain exclusive control over their planets as they see fit.


ASTRAFER serves as the in-game token within Phantom Galaxies, enabling players to conduct transactions and acquire various items. Additionally, ASTRAFER doubles as a governance token, granting holders the privilege to participate in voting processes regarding proposals within the game.
As part of the broader Animoca Brands ecosystem, ASTRAFER is paired in liquidity pools with the following tokens:

  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • USDC (USD Coin)
  • SAND (The Sandbox)
  • REVV (REVV Token)
  • TOWER (Tower Token)
  • GMEE (GAMER Token)
  • PROS (Prospectors Gold Token)

These pairings in liquidity pools provide players with liquidity options and facilitate the exchange of ASTRAFER with other tokens within the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

When is the full game launching?

The early access launch for Phantom Galaxies is set for November 2023, while the full release is anticipated in 2024. Prior to the official launch, some players have had the opportunity to participate in small missions during Phantom Galaxies events. These events serve as test plays, providing users with a preview of the game's potential and a glimpse into its gameplay dynamics.

Final Thoughts

Phantom Galaxies promises to redefine gaming with its innovative features, including true ownership of in-game items and player-driven governance. With the upcoming early access launch in November 2023 and the full release slated for 2024, anticipation is high among players eager to explore its immersive universe and engage in thrilling mecha battles. As the game continues to evolve and shape the future of gaming, it's poised to captivate players with its unique blend of gameplay mechanics and community-driven experiences.

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