How to Play Nine Chronicles: A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


8 months ago

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Nine Chronicles stands out as one of the most decentralized games within the Web3 realm. The game derives its strength from users who collectively contribute their computing power, functioning as nodes responsible for validating transactions and safeguarding the blockchain. This unique approach has fostered a dedicated community, integral not only to the platform's cultural fabric but also to its ongoing maintenance. Discover the strategies for playing and succeeding in Nine Chronicles below.

What is Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles operates as a completely open-sourced online RPG that operates without traditional servers. Similar to Bitcoin or BitTorrent, players and miners join forces to fuel a decentralized gaming network. This expansive fantasy world is not only governed by its players but also relies on a sophisticated economy where supply and demand serve as the primary currency.

In this ecosystem, every action taken by players becomes a permanent record on the blockchain established and maintained by Nine Chronicles' development team, Planetarium Labs. Furthermore, each in-game item is represented as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that resides on the blockchain, emphasizing the unique and traceable nature of in-game assets.

During gameplay, your objective is to explore the game world, engage in battles, create and exchange items, and formulate strategies for triumph over adversaries. Accessible for free on Steam, the game can be downloaded to your computer. Notably, Nine Chronicles is fully modifiable, offering players the capacity to design levels and features, contribute through Github, and even create new networks with friends.

In a departure from the pitfalls of other play-to-earn games, Nine Chronicles has implemented playtime limits to ensure fairness within the ecosystem. This not only fosters an equitable playing field but also serves as a preventative measure against potential long-term impacts of deflationary economics on the platform.

How to Get Started in Nine Chronicles?

Playing Nine Chronicles offers diverse avenues for users. They can embark on adventures, extract resources by mining the environment, take on the role of merchants engaging in buying and selling within the game, or even step into the shoes of a politician by making proposals and garnering community support. To get started:

  1. Visit Nine Chronicles and follow the step-by-step sign-up instructions. Create an account and a character, then undergo a straightforward tutorial to initiate your adventure.
  2. Once in the game, engage in Campaigns, the central element of Nine Chronicles gameplay and the foundation of the in-game economy. With 250 unique stages, players must conquer each to achieve victory.
  3. Strategize to overcome opponents in battles. However, once your avatar is in battle, the outcome is beyond your control.
  4. As an idle RPG, Nine Chronicles requires no active participation during battles. Users focus on enhancing their avatar's power through trait upgrades and acquiring the best items.

Nine Chronicles M: Unveiling the New Mobile Game

Continuing its legacy of innovation in the blockchain gaming realm, Nine Chronicles, a name already synonymous with excellence, is set to launch a fresh version of the game in 2023—this time optimized for mobile devices. Nine Chronicles M is scheduled to make its debut on Google Play and Apple Stores on November 22, delivering all the adventure and strategy that made the original PC game a success.

For those eager to experience the new mobile game, the opportunity arises through pre-registration on the official website. During the three-week pre-launch event (from November 1 to 21), early registrants will enjoy perks such as 3 NCG tokens, engaging activities, and chances to secure exclusive in-game items. The event also introduces a referral reward system, encouraging players to bring new adventurers into the fold.

With the launch of Nine Chronicles M, Planetarium anticipates reaching a broader audience, contributing significantly to the adoption of blockchain gaming. Additionally, the introduction of a new chain, Heimdall, where the game was developed, underscores Planetarium's commitment to mobile web3 gaming development. The Heimdall reveal is scheduled for the same date as the highly anticipated Nine Chronicles M launch.

Nine Chronicles Gameplay

  1. Upon launching the game, a sign-up dialogue will appear. Click on the "Create New Account" button to initiate the account creation process.

2. In this dialogue, choose a password for your account and input the same password in both text boxes. Subsequently, enter the activation code to finalize your account creation. If you don't have one yet, obtain it from friends, the official Discord, or by joining the portal.

3. With the account creation process completed, click the "Start" button to launch the game and commence the avatar creation process.

How to Create a New Character

1. Each account allows for the creation of up to 3 characters. Click the "NEW CHARACTER" button to begin the process.

2. Customize your character's appearance by selecting hair, eyes, ears, and tail types, ensuring each character is unique. Once satisfied with the chosen style, click the "CREATE" button.

Character’s Status:

  • HP (Hit Points): Represents the character's health; reaching 0 results in a loss in battle.
  • ATK (Attack Power): Indicates the damage your character can inflict on enemies.
  • DEF (Defense Power): Shows the character's ability to withstand damage from enemies.
  • CRI (Critical Hit Rate): Reflects the percentage chance of landing critical attacks.
  • HIT: A higher hit point increases the likelihood of successful attacks.
  • SPD (Speed): Determines the character's speed, allowing for more actions compared to enemies.

3. Select a nickname for your character. The nickname must be 2-20 characters long and can only include alphanumeric characters. Once you've chosen a name, click the "OK" button.

4. Congratulations! Your character is now created, and you're ready to embark on the adventure in the world of Nine Chronicles.

Start your first adventure

Tutorial Progression


  • Upon your initial entry into Nine Chronicles, Alex will lead you to the portal, guiding you towards the dungeons.

Stage Entry

  • Activating the portal grants access to Stage 1. Expect a helpful popup for each new feature as you explore.

Stage Completion Rewards

  • Upon successfully clearing a stage, you earn experience and materials, enabling progression to the next stage.

Forest Exploration

  • Moving forward, the cat warrior guides you deeper into the forest, marked by the chain-shaped loading indicator as your game history data spreads to the blockchain.

Workshop Introduction

  • Following completion of Stage 3, Alex directs you to the workshop for further exploration.

Equipment Crafting

  • Successfully clearing stages rewards you with equipment recipes. Unlock these recipes and craft your inaugural sword.

With the stages cleared and equipment crafted, the tutorial concludes. Now, an introduction to the main systems awaits.

Stage battle

In the realm of Nine Chronicles, being an idle RPG means that player intervention during battles is unnecessary. The battle unfolds entirely through simulation once a block is finalized, with the outcome determined by the strength of your equipment. You can witness the battle's progression in real-time.


  • Winning a battle earns you experience points, potentially leading to a power boost for your character upon leveling up.
  • Each stage offers a First Clear Reward, providing essential items for progressing to the next stage. Exploring the Rewards tab allows you to anticipate upcoming challenges.

Incomplete Stage

  • Failing to achieve three stars on a stage doesn't hinder your progress entirely. You still earn rewards, although you won't proceed to the next stage without three stars.
  • Returning to a stage with enhanced strength is an option, and you can acquire materials as rewards, useful for crafting new items (refer to the "Create your own item" section).
  • Stage completion unlocks additional content, including the workshop, market, elemental stages, and the PvP battle arena.


  • Even in defeat, you gain some experience and occasionally materials. Consider exploring easier stages to level up or study enemy patterns for strategic gear improvement.

Preparation for Stage Adventure

  • This page allows you to choose equipment and consumables for the upcoming stage adventure, a crucial step in conquering higher stages.
  • Click the "START" button to proceed, consuming ⭐️ 5AP (Action Power).
  • All actions in Nine Chronicles require Action Power, which can be replenished by clicking the full Prosperity Meter below.

Prepare wisely and strategically, as your choices in equipment and consumables play a pivotal role in overcoming the challenges presented by higher stages.

Create your own item

Utilize the materials gathered from dungeons to craft new items, with crafting and upgrading limited to four slots as seen in the workshop menu at the bottom. Strategic decisions on what to craft and when can significantly impact your growth schedule.

Equipment Crafting

  • Explore the equipment tab with a diverse array of recipes, gathering materials through stage battles to forge more robust gear.

  • Each piece of equipment encompasses three sub-recipes. The difficulty of collecting materials increases with the recipe's quality, and sometimes NCG may be required.

  • Crafting produces randomized results, varying between attempts. As you clear higher stages, more recipes become accessible. Gradually unlock and upgrade equipment slots for enhanced capabilities.

Crafting Consumables

  • Gather various materials from the Nine Worlds to create potent food consumables. These items work for a single stage, delivering powerful effects.
  • Crafting more delectable food introduces a variety of added effects, proving especially useful when navigating higher-level stages.

Crafting Process

  • Crafting a new item takes time, and progress can be tracked through the workshop slot. Completed items are delivered via mail.

Tracking Progress

  • Monitor the progress of both equipment and consumables in the quest menu at the top right of the screen. Upon completion, receive a notification and don't forget to claim your crafted goods.

Upgrade System

  • Enhance existing equipment by combining them with items of the same grade and level. The initial upgrades are free, but subsequent ones will incur a cost in NCG.
  • The upgrade process involves consuming one piece of equipment of the same upgrade level and rank. Successful upgrades result in an increase in upgrade level and a stat boost of 8-12%. Options acquired by the equipment are also enhanced at certain upgrade levels.
  • In case of an upgrade failure, the material equipment disappears.

Nine Chronicles Tokens

The native in-game currency of Nine Chronicles is known as Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG). Players employ NCG for in-game transactions, staking, and governance functions. The platform facilitates the conversion of NCG to Wrapped NCG (WNCG) through its onboarding portal. However, there exists a daily swap limit of 5,000 NCG, and a 1% fee is levied for bridging fees.

At present, there is no direct method to acquire NCG tokens. Instead, individuals can obtain WNCG, accessible through decentralized exchanges like Balancer and Sushi. Additionally, it is available on Coinbase, a centralized exchange.

Nine Chronicles NFTs

In Nine Chronicles, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) manifest as game items, each residing on the Planetarium blockchain, granting authentic in-game ownership to players. These items are categorized into four types:

  1. Equipment:
  • Items utilized during combat to enhance player abilities.
  • Craftable, upgradable, and tradable on the open market.
  • Examples include Armor, Weapons, and Rings.
  • Acquiring diverse equipment strategically benefits players at different stages of the game.
  1. Consumables:
  • Items that temporarily boost a player's stats for a single fight.
  • Ideal for aiding characters against formidable opponents.
  • Thoughtful strategy is crucial when choosing which consumables to use.
  • Available for purchase, sale, or crafting.
  1. Materials:
  • Fundamental components for crafting Equipment and Consumables.
  • Obtained as rewards for victorious Campaigns or Arena battles.
  • Non-tradable and non-purchasable materials can only be won.
  1. Costumes and Titles:
  • Cosmetic items with no significant stat-boosting effects.
  • Tradable in the marketplace, allowing players to showcase their style in Nine Chronicles.

De:Centralized Cat NFTs

In September 2022, Nine Chronicles introduced its De:Centralized Cat (DCC) NFTs, which were fully integrated into the game by March 2023. Beyond their visual appeal as Profile Picture (PFP) assets, these NFTs confer player identity within the Nine Chronicles ecosystem and offer rewards, including in-game perks and voting power.

DCC NFTs can be acquired on platforms such as OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, and the Blur marketplace aggregator. As of the latest update, the collection's floor price is 0.14 ETH ($262).

Tips and Strategies to Play Nine Chronicles?

There are several avenues for earning NCG tokens while playing Nine Chronicles. While the primary methods are outlined below, it's essential to note that new opportunities may emerge as the game evolves.


  • Collect raw materials through gameplay, acquired by winning battles, finding items, purchasing, or other means.
  • Craft these materials into stronger items, which can then be sold on the open market for NCG tokens.


  • Utilize the marketplace to list your crafted items for sale.

  • Alternatively, buy items from the market with the hope of selling them at a profit.
  • Enhance your character's level to obtain more valuable in-game items for sale.

Arena Play

  • Engage in daily battles in the Arena, competing against other players to claim rewards and earn tokens.
  • Arena participation is limited, preventing excessive token accumulation through repeated visits.


  • Participate in mining activities within Nine Chronicles, though success is often a matter of luck.
  • Factors influencing mining success include good internet stability, CPU power, and lower mining difficulty.
  • To become a miner, meet specific requirements: be active on Nine Chronicles Discord for at least a month, reach level +150 in the game, and stake +9,500 NCG.
  • It's important to note that once the game's blockchain transitions to a Proof-of-Stake mechanism, mining will no longer be an available option.

As Nine Chronicles evolves, stay tuned for potential new methods of earning NCG tokens within the game.

What are Nodes in Nine Chronicles?

Nodes in Nine Chronicles refer to the participants in the game's blockchain network. In Nine Chronicles, everything operates on-chain, emphasizing strong user ownership of in-game items within the Web3 platform. The unique approach involves every player acting as a blockchain node, contributing to the network's security. As a reward for their participation, each player receives 10 NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold) for every block mined.

This process is facilitated through the Launcher, a program that initiates when a user starts playing Nine Chronicles. The connection to the network and contribution to its security occur seamlessly, requiring no specialized knowledge or complex setup. While all players contribute by using their computers to store blockchain data, some users serve as special mining nodes.

These mining nodes were established during the game's Genesis period and serve as checkpoints at every 50 completed blocks in the blockchain. This setup positions Nine Chronicles as a Proof-of-Work system, akin to the mechanism employed by Bitcoin. The distributed and collaborative nature of nodes enhances the security and decentralization of the Nine Chronicles blockchain.

Blockchain Update: Nine Chronicles v200000

In April 2023, the Nine Chronicles underwent a significant upgrade with the release of version 200000. This pivotal update marked a critical moment for the project, as it introduced Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) as an integral part of the Nine Chronicles blockchain consensus mechanism.

The implementation of PBFT signifies a shift towards full decentralization in block creation, redistributing the roles and responsibilities of validators across various nodes. This milestone represents a substantial advancement in the development of the Nine Chronicles ecosystem, establishing the foundation for future enhancements, including the planned integration of a Proof-of-Stake network (PoS). This transition sets the stage for upcoming features such as staking and transaction incentives.

Final Thoughts

In the dynamic landscape of Web3 gaming, Nine Chronicles shines as a beacon of decentralization, empowering users to collectively shape its vibrant ecosystem. The player-driven blockchain nodes, each contributing to the game's security, redefine ownership in the virtual realm. The incorporation of NFTs and blockchain-recorded actions underlines the uniqueness of Nine Chronicles, where every battle, item, and transaction becomes a permanent part of the distributed ledger. As the game continues to evolve, its commitment to fairness, innovation, and community engagement positions Nine Chronicles at the forefront of the blockchain gaming revolution. Embark on this decentralized adventure, where strategy meets exploration, and forge your legacy in the ever-expanding Nine Worlds.

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