How to Play MotoDEX : A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


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What is MotoDEX? 

MotoDEX stands out from traditional games by infusing blockchain into its core, running on the Polygon, Near, and Aurora blockchains. This fusion opens up new possibilities and introduces players to the exciting realm of play-to-earn mechanics.

MotoDEX is an exhilarating racing simulator that immerses players in thrilling motorcycle competitions. As you race through high-speed tracks, you have the chance to develop your riders and enhance their skills. As you navigate through challenging courses, the adrenaline rush of racing against opponents will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

The game offers an endless cycle of competitive events, providing users with limitless opportunities to earn money. Each level you successfully complete brings the possibility of real US dollar rewards for the champions.

One of the key elements that sets MotoDEX apart is the utilization of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These unique digital assets represent different in-game elements, such as characters and tracks. The ability to buy, sell, and profit from these NFTs adds a whole new dimension to your gaming experience. Not only do you strive for victory on the track, but you also have the opportunity to build a valuable collection and stake in the game's economy.

How to Get Started in TOPIA?

To dive into the thrilling world of MotoDEX, follow this straightforward step-by-step guide:

  1. Access the MotoDEX Platform: Visit the MotoDEX website directly from the MotoDEX dapp page to ensure you're on the correct homepage.
  2. Choose Your Blockchain: On the left side of the page, locate the dropdown list and select the blockchain of your choice—Aurora, Near, or Polygon.
  3. Connect Your Wallet: Click the "Connect Wallet" button. Depending on your wallet type, you may need to confirm adding and changing the network settings.
  4. Purchase Game NFTs: If you don't already possess NFTs for gameplay, the "Buy" buttons will be disabled. Click on "Buy" to acquire game NFTs and complete the transaction confirmation within your wallet.
  5. Add NFTs to Game Smart Contract: Once you have purchased your game NFTs, click "Add" to transfer them to the game's smart contract. Confirm this transaction within your wallet. Once the addition is successful, you can select your desired NFT for gameplay.
  6. Select Your NFT: Click on the "Select" option associated with your preferred NFT.
  7. Review and Play: Finally, click on the icon that indicates the review is complete. Congratulations! You are now ready to play and immerse yourself in the excitement of MotoDEX.


In MotoDEX, the gameplay revolves around two main groups of users: track owners and owners of NFT characters. Track owners possess non-fungible token (NFT) locations where competitions take place. These tracks vary in length, appearance, and minimum bet requirements, depending on the level.

MotoDEX × Playdex - Play To Earn Crypto GamesOn the other hand, owners of NFT characters engage in battles against game bots and compete with each other. Both track owners and NFT character owners must develop their assets and earn profits from their subsequent operations.

Players interact with each other through specific mechanics within MotoDEX. Track owners grant access to their obstacle courses for other players, who must place a bet to participate in competitions on someone else's NFT track. The minimum bet amount is determined by the track owner and directly correlates with the track's level.

Once users select a game location and place their bets, the race on the track begins. However, it's essential to have an NFT character to partake in the game. The primary objective is to protect and advance your character, surpass other real players on the track, and break previous records.

Game achievements are securely recorded in corresponding smart contracts, enabling both track owners and players to receive bonuses and rewards for their performance. Alongside real players, pest bots are present in each game session, adding an additional challenge to overcome.

In MotoDEX, the dynamic interactions between track owners, NFT character owners, and the inclusion of game bots create an exciting and competitive racing experience within the game.


MotoDEX takes the excitement of gameplay to new heights with the strategic utilization of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These unique digital assets enhance the depth and engagement of the gaming experience. In MotoDEX, NFTs are classified into three main categorieseach serving a distinct purpose. Let's explore these categories in detail:
motoDEX | Buidls | DoraHacksGame Characters: NFTs representing game characters are crucial to your success in MotoDEX. These characters possess unique traits, abilities, and attributes that can greatly impact your performance on the track. Choosing the right character and leveraging their strengths effectively will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of victory.

Tracks: NFT tracks are key elements in MotoDEX. Each track offers a distinctive racing environment, presenting various challenges and opportunities. Acquiring track NFTs allows you to unlock new racing locations, each with its own characteristics, such as length, complexity, and visuals. The tracks you own and race on significantly influence your gameplay strategy and overall racing experience.

Health Capsules: Health capsules are valuable NFTs that play a crucial role in sustaining your character's well-being during intense races. These capsules contain vital resources or power-ups that can replenish your character's health, boost their performance, or provide other advantageous effects. Strategically utilizing health capsules can help you overcome obstacles, outmaneuver opponents, and secure victory on the track.

By leveraging NFTs across these three categories in MotoDEX, you can craft winning strategies, enhance your racing abilities, and elevate your overall gaming experience. 

Tips and Strategies to Play MotoDEX?

MotoDEX Game Guide: How to Play and EarnPlaying and earning in MotoDEX is an exciting endeavor that combines the thrill of gaming with the potential for financial rewards. Here's a guide on how you can participate in MotoDEX and maximize your earnings:

  1. Gameplay Income:
    Your primary objective in MotoDEX is to complete races as quickly as possible. Alongside the competitive aspect, you can earn income through the game's NFTs in two significant ways:
    • Income from Competitions: If you own a track, you will receive income every time a tournament is held on your track. Additionally, owning a game character entitles you to a share of the bets placed in the competition. A smart contract handles these transactions, collecting the bets and distributing the income after each game session.
    • Selling NFTs: MotoDEX allows players to buy and sell in-game NFTs, including game characters, tracks, and health capsules. The value of these NFTs can increase over time, potentially leading to profitable sales.
  2. Maximizing Earnings:
    To maximize your earnings in MotoDEX, strategic decision-making is key:
    • Consider Early Investment: MotoDEX rewards early investors, so acquiring NFTs early on can be beneficial for your long-term earnings.
    • Choose NFTs Wisely: The features, value, and popularity of your NFTs can influence your earnings from competitions and their resale value. Carefully select NFTs with high potential for value appreciation.
    • Regular Participation: Actively participating in races and tournaments increases your income from competitions. The more you engage with the game, the more opportunities you have to win and earn.

By following these strategies and actively participating in MotoDEX, you can both enjoy the gameplay and maximize your potential for earning profits.

Final Thought

MotoDEX is a dynamic and evolving NFT game that embraces growth, innovation, and community engagement. With each stride forward, MotoDEX is poised to make a lasting impact in the play-to-earn landscape. As the game continues to expand and evolve, it promises exciting developments and future milestones that will captivate players and enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned and keep a close watch on MotoDEX as it races towards a thrilling and promising future.

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