How to Play Everseed: A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


4 months ago

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Tower Defense has been an enjoyable yet challenging genre in the history of gaming. If you’re looking for the same thrill in the world of NFT gaming, then look no further than Everseed.

Welcome to Everseed, the Tower Defense MMO game built on the Solana blockchain. Built by industry veterans from Riot Games, this blockchain game boasts a fun-filled strategic tower defense game while allowing players to earn from gameplay. In Everseed, players take on the role of rangers to strategically place defensive plants to fend off relentless waves of bugs

The game is currently in its Demo phase, which means players can try out Everseed in its early phase. This comprehensive game guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to excel in Everseed's demo version and pave your way to victory.

How to Get Started

Getting started in Everseed is simply compared to other NFT games currently under development. Players can start playing without any upfront investment. Just follow these simple instructions to get started.

Visit the Official Website

Head to the official Everseed website. Its website is pretty straightforward since it directly takes you to a play button and an option to link your discord. 

Everseed Homepage

Login and Connect Your Wallet

Everseed requires you to link your account to Discord and an existing Solana wallet. This will allow you to access your in-game assets and have a place to receive your blockchain rewards in-game.

Account Link Page

As of the moment, support for other wallets and types of login is limited. However, we might see more types in the future as development goes further.

Pick Your Level

Everseed currently offers three modes of difficulty. Each level presents a new environmental hazard that makes setting up your defense harder, thus increasing the difficulty.

Choose your desired level to begin your tower defense journey. Each level offers unique challenges and opportunities for growth. Beginners should start with the easiest one before they proceed to the next. Trust us, the introduction to basic mechanics should come first.

Gameplay Mechanics

Everseed, at its core, is a tower defense game that challenges a player’s strategy and tactical positioning skills. Once players choose which level of difficulty they want, they will be taken to a field where the game will begin.

As seen from the illustration, enemies will spawn on the purple portal and will follow a purple line, indicating its path of attack. The objective of Everseed is to prevent your health from reaching zero(Survive!). Players will need to defend their blue core from enemies by strategically placing their units on each hexagon available on the map.

Consider the enemy's path of travel, available resources, and unit synergies to maximize your chances of success. Stay vigilant and utilize your defenses effectively to maintain your health and secure victory.

Players start by picking out which infusions to choose. Each one possesses its own unique effects or skills thereby fulfilling a specific role. 

Some infusions excel in fast attacks while others might be used for defensive purposes. Choose your infusions strategically to enhance your defensive or offensive capabilities to overcome challenging enemies.

Each difficulty is composed of different stages. As you progress through the stages, Everseed becomes increasingly challenging. Adapt your strategies, upgrade your units, and unlock new defenses to overcome the relentless waves of bugs.

NFTs in Everseed

Everseed has introduced NFT items to enhance its gameplay experience. Listed on OpenSea and Magic Eden, Everseed offers sprout NFTs and character NFTs.

Everseed Sprouts NFTs

Everseed Sprouts are magical seeds in the world of Everseed that grow into plants. These plants can be used in-game as skins to fend off enemies. Players can purchase one for as low as 0.58 $SOL ( roughly 12 USD).

Sprout NFTs in Magic Eden

Everseed Ranger NFTs

Everseed Rangers will represent the player’s in-game avatar within the universe of Everseed. Once its open-world feature becomes available, players will be able to farm and explore its world utilizing their ranger NFTs. These are slightly more expensive than sprout NFTs. Players can purchase Rangers for as low as 4.1 $SOL ( roughly 84 USD).

Ranger NFTs in Magic Eden

In the future, Everseed plans to introduce pet NFTs that are breedable Soon, players will engage in breeding mechanics to create powerful and rare pets, further strengthening your defenses.

Tips and Strategies

Everseed might be easy to get started, but the game drastically increases its difficulty the more you advance in stages and difficulties. Try to implement these strategies to your Everseed strategies to come out on top.

Plan Your Defenses

In Everseed, the enemy’s path is fortunately outlined in purple for the player to see. Analyze the enemy's path and strategically place your units to create effective defensive formations.

A key to this strategy is not only to focus on the enemy’s path but to also focus on its surroundings. In the illustration above, the enemy’s path is surrounded by rocks and patches of water, take note of the open spaces to place your plants and strategically take advantage of those rocks to provide cover to your fragile long-ranged units.

Utilize Synergies

There are tons of infusions to choose from in Everseed. A common mistake beginners make is to isolate their effects and strengths to one specific instance. Don’t be shy in pairing infusions with other units. 

Experiment with different unit combinations to leverage synergies and maximize their collective power.

Upgrade Wisely

Invest your resources in upgrading and unlocking new units strategically. Energy does not come by for free. Focus on units that complement your playstyle and offer the most significant impact on the battlefield.


As Everseed continues its development journey, promising the implementation of Open World elements, now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the captivating world of tower defense on the Solana blockchain. 

Master the art of strategic planting, overcome challenging enemies, and embrace the power of NFTs to forge your path to victory in Everseed. Get ready to defend and flourish in this innovative Tower Defense MMO experience like never before.

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