How to Play Alien Worlds : A Beginner’s Guide For Gamers


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What are Alien Worlds? 

Alien Worlds represents an NFT-based metaverse game rooted in the WAX blockchain, offering cross-chain functionality that extends to platforms like Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. In this meticulously crafted virtual realm, players engage in fierce competition for scarce resources, including coveted NFTs and in-game tokens.

At its core, Alien Worlds operates on a four-pillar-driven in-game ecosystem, where participants, known as Explorers, delve into activities such as mining, land acquisition, and voting for Planetary governance, all of which significantly impact the distribution of Trilium rewards.

These four pillars encompass the Trilium (TLM) token, indispensable NFT tools, virtual lands, and the governance structures known as Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs). To gain a deeper understanding, let's delve into how each pillar influences a player's journey to success.
The Alien Worlds gaming platform is continually evolving, guided by a fundamental technical principle that promotes the creation of reusable metaverse components, which the community can harness and build upon. This strategy aims to enhance the utility of TLM and NFTs while empowering communities to forge their unique value within the Alien Worlds Metaverse.

Initial functionality centers on the distribution of TLM and NFTs across the community via inflation mechanisms and game-based rewards, facilitated by both the Federation and community-led competitions. The overarching, long-term objective of this distribution strategy is to empower individuals and smaller groups within the community to nurture the metaverse's growth while progressively decentralizing control, thereby avoiding undue accumulation of wealth and control by any single entity. This process is conducted with a measured approach to avoid introducing major technical challenges that might be difficult to rectify in a decentralized system at a later stage. The diagram below offers a high-level overview of the current and future tokenomics of the project.

The metaverse comprises a federation of planets, each governed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Game players are afforded the opportunity to participate in elections that appoint a council to govern each planet. However, it's essential to note that full DAO functionality is still under development, with ongoing research aimed at identifying the most effective DAO governance strategy.

In this initial phase, TLM is continually minted based on a predefined inflation schedule through the Federation smart contract. Subsequently, it is distributed to each planet, proportional to the amount of TLM staked on that particular planet. Players then engage in mining activities, where they undertake a client-side Proof-of-Work-style exercise to earn a share of the available TLM. The rewards for mining actions vary based on the attributes of the NFTs used, the chosen planet for mining, and the TLM available in the mining reward pool.

Additionally, each piece of land chosen for mining is itself an NFT, generating mining commissions and a portion of daily inflation rewards from the Federation with each mining action. As planets accumulate wealth through mining and inflation, these funds, when DAO functionality is active, will be at the disposal of the DAO governance for various purposes, such as developing new game modules. The interplay of diverse NFTs and eventual planet autonomy creates opportunities for DAOs, groups, and individuals to maximize their wealth within this dynamic metaverse.

How to Get Started in Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds doesn't require an app, and there's no need to download the game. You can enjoy Alien Worlds directly in your desktop or mobile web browser. Just log in to your Wax All-Access wallet using your social media or email login details, and you're ready to dive into the world of Alien Worlds.

Getting started with Alien Worlds is a breeze. Follow these straightforward steps to embark on your Alien Worlds adventure:

  1. Visit the Alien Worlds.
  2. Create a WAX web3 wallet, and the best part is, it's absolutely free.
  3. Set up your login credentials.
  4. Choose your initial avatar.
  5. Agree to the Terms & Conditions, and click 'I'm Ready.'
  6. Decide which planet you'd like to mine on, but make this choice wisely. The mining pot displays the current TLM available for mining, and the fill rate indicates how quickly it replenishes.
  7. Select the plot of land you want to mine on, keeping in mind that each one is unique, and mining fees may vary. So, make your selection thoughtfully.

Opt for the Shovel as your mining tool. As you progress in Alien Worlds, you'll have the opportunity to acquire superior tools.

Alien Worlds Gameplay

To embark on your Alien Worlds gaming journey, you'll need to complete a few essential steps:

  1. Register and Create Your Character: Start by registering an account and setting up your character. Ensure you have a WAX Cloud Wallet ready. Visit to sign in after successfully setting up your wallet. You'll have the option to choose between a male or female avatar (note that avatars don't affect gameplay).
  2. Begin Mining Trilium (TLM):
  • Select a Planet: Each planet displays the amount of TLM available for mining.
  • Choose Your Land: Pick a piece of land based on your TLM stake; you may even have your own Lands to mine, depending on your holdings.
  • Select Your Tools: Initially, you'll receive a shovel if you're new to the game. However, the game's launch pack should provide you with more tools. Each tool comes with its own set of statistics that determine the amount of TLM you can mine in one go. You can use up to three tools simultaneously.
  • Start Mining: Once you have everything in place, click the Mine button to get started.

Before deciding on a specific land, it's crucial to consider the following factors:

  • Commission Rate: If you don't already own the land, the commission rate represents the portion of TLM you mine that goes to the landowner. Some lands may yield more based on their terrain; for instance, lands with volcanoes typically offer higher yields. However, they might require longer waiting times between mining sessions.
  • Charge Time: This indicates the duration you need to wait before mining again.
  • Yield Multiplier: This factor relates to the likelihood of receiving an NFT as a reward from your mining expedition.

Beyond mining, Alien Worlds offers additional activities such as missions to embark on, land rentals, and NFT collections to enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy your journey through the Alien Worlds universe!

Alien Worlds NFTs

Trilium serves as the native utility token within the Alien Worlds ecosystem, incentivizing player engagement and participation in the platform's governance. TLM plays several crucial roles in the Alien Worlds metaverse:

  1. Governance: Staking TLM tokens enables users to actively participate in the platform's governance processes, offering them the opportunity to contribute to decisions and earn rewards in return.
  2. NFTs: TLM is used to acquire NFTs, which can be obtained through purchases, mining activities, and participation in various competitions and challenges.
  3. In-Game Quests: To engage in in-game quests and activities, users are required to possess TLM tokens, making it an essential currency for in-game progression.

The total supply of TLM is capped at 10 billion, with approximately five billion expected to be generated through the rewards system.

TLM is supported across three different blockchains:

  • TLM on ETH (Ethereum): Ethereum users can access TLM through the MetaMask wallet. It's worth noting that Ethereum imposes a minimum transfer amount for TLM due to the network's high gas fees. Users are also required to have ETH in their wallet to cover gas fees when moving TLM tokens to or from the Ethereum blockchain.
  • TLM on WAX: TLM is readily available on the WAX blockchain and can be seamlessly transferred between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A minimum amount of 100 TLM is typically required for transfers in either direction. To utilize TLM on WAX, users need a WAX cloud wallet compatible with web browsers. This wallet can then be linked to an Ethereum wallet for cross-chain functionality.
  • TLM on BSC (Binance Smart Chain): TLM can be moved to and from the BSC network, where it operates as an ERC20 smart contract on the BSC mainnet. Similar to Ethereum transactions, transferring TLM to or from BSC necessitates gas fees. Consequently, users must ensure they have a balance of BNB (Binance Coin) in their wallet to cover these gas fees when handling TLM tokens.

Where to buy NFTs, game items?

Gamers have the flexibility to acquire Alien Worlds NFTs and in-game items through any marketplace that supports the WAX blockchain. Within the Alien Worlds ecosystem, players can make these purchases using WAX, the native token of the platform. It's important to note that certain assets are also available on alternate chains like BNB Chain, broadening the options for players.The pricing spectrum for game items is quite diverse, spanning from just a few cents to potentially reaching hundreds or even thousands of dollars. These price variations hinge on factors such as the rarity of the item and the prevailing demand within the gaming community. To provide a concrete example, a standard shovel might be considered practically free, while a piece of fertile land located on a popular planet could command a substantially higher price due to its desirability.

Tips and Strategies to Play Alien Worlds?

Let's delve into the realm of Tools within Alien Worlds:

Tools are essential instruments for players in Alien Worlds, enabling them to perform various actions. For instance, mining activities necessitate the use of Tools, which can be conveniently obtained from the marketplace.

Now that we understand the role of Tools and where to procure them, it's crucial to grasp the strategies behind their acquisition and utilization. Each Tool boasts four vital statistics that all players should familiarize themselves with:

  1. Charge Time: The charge time, displayed in seconds within the text section of your Alien Worlds card, signifies the duration you must wait for your Tool to recharge after each use. Once fully recharged, you can employ it again for your endeavors.
  2. NFT Luck Multiplier: This figure, located in the bottom-right corner of the card, pertains to your luck's influence on the likelihood of discovering exceptional NFTs during mining activities. A higher value here increases your chances of finding valuable NFTs.
  3. POW Multiplier (Proof-of-Work Multiplier): This statistic, sometimes referred to as a proof-of-work reducer, accelerates your mining times, making it particularly beneficial for those not using a WAX wallet to play the game. You can locate this number in the bottom-left corner of the card.
  4. TLM Multiplier: Indicating how much your Tool will amplify your mining output, this number can be found in the top-left corner of your Tool card. A higher TLM multiplier corresponds to a more significant boost in mining productivity.

Understanding these four critical attributes of Tools is essential for optimizing your Alien Worlds gaming experience.

What are the activities you can engage in within the Alien Worlds universe?

  1. Battledome Competition: Players can engage in fierce competition with one another through the Battledome game mode. Top-performing participants have the chance to secure weekly prizes rewarded in Trilium or TLM, the native token of Alien Worlds.
  2. Mission Control Quests: Through the Mission Control feature, players can take part in weekly quests, with the prize pool being distributed among all victorious participants. It's an opportunity for collaborative triumph.
  3. Trilium Mining: As previously mentioned, Trilium mining is a core activity, requiring players to possess Tools to earn TLM. The TLM earnings are shared with landowners, adding an economic dimension to the gameplay.
  4. Governance Participation: Holders of the TLM token can actively contribute to the ecosystem by participating in governance proposals. They can also allocate their tokens to specific planets, shaping the direction of the metaverse. It's a chance to have a say in the platform's evolution.

Final thought

Alien Worlds primarily revolves around mining and offers a passive gaming experience. It distinguishes itself as the most widely adopted metaverse game, boasting a substantial user base.

The game offers a streamlined onboarding process, requiring a straightforward signup through a Wax wallet. NFT trading is facilitated exclusively on the Atomic Hub marketplace. Moreover, the native token, TLM, possesses the unique ability to traverse three different blockchain networks. Users can actively engage with the game's DAOs, with opportunities to become council members and participate in weekly elections.

While Alien Worlds offers a plethora of features and boasts considerable scale, it's important to note that beginners in the world of blockchain gaming may encounter a steep learning curve.

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